Riders vs BC

Now that we know we're heading to Montreal for the semi final, what about the BC game? It's going to mean nothing to us in the standings. Even if Dominguez is ready, I'd sit him for half the game in case of injury and also, I'd start Nealon and finish up with Crandell.

Now if BC still has something to play for in that game and it now appears they do, the Riders could get pasted. With the Smith issue leading off all newscasts this team will either fold or bond together. I'm guesing fold. The BC game should tell us.

I'd like you guys to play your starters so the esks have a better chance of getting first in the west. But its also a possibilty that you should keep your starters in in an attempt to gain some momentum after your recent losing streak heading into the playoffs. Sort of like how montreal played most of their starters on offence today vs. Ottawa to gain some confindence back after the loss to Toronto.

I say play them. Go out there and try to get a win. We need to get out of a losing skid, and in my opinion the playoffs is a hard place to do it.

Play them. Use this as a touchup game to address all of the little kincs and mistakes that may hinder them in the playoffs. BC screwed up our chances last year by beating us in this game to hold a home playoff game, so we should try and do the same.

Crandell has been struggling, so I say starting Nealon is the best choice now that the game is meaningless to us. The guy can't regain his confidence sitting on the bench that's for sure.

I’m a neutral observer since I’m an American living in suburban Philadelphia, but with three losses in a row, don’t the Rough Riders need some momentum and at least one win to begin to get back on track with the playoffs starting in two weeks? They are in the playoffs, so they have as good a chance as anyone else to move forward and make the Grey Cup, but they have to get some confidence back and that starts by winning.
I was really intrigued by the Riders when they won five in a row, and I thought they would make some noise in the West as a result. When they lost by 4 points to Montreal, I thought they had played a good game against one of the best teams in the league and just came up a bit short. Then they lost by one to Edmonton, and although it really hurt, they played hard and just got nipped at the end. The real killer however was the loss to Calgary, because they played the second half like they were strangers to each other, and the football was not something to hold onto for very long.
The Riders need to play hard with all their regulars in against the BC Lions to build some momentum and get a win. Then approach the Montreal game in the playoffs the same way. If each guy does his job and plays to his ability, they can win. We all know it won’t be easy, but three out of the last four World Series winners were wild card teams, so why can’t the Saskatchewan Rough Riders be that team in the CFL in 2005? It will be interesting, but they must get back to winning and build up their confidence.

You Play for the Win..JUST LIKE Montreal did tonight..Crandell needs to get back on track....I think you will see alot more Crandell/Moore passes...they totally domintated Calgary in the first half then the wheels fell off..CAN you say turnovers? I think French should be benched and give Hoffert a chance or even Tournkara or however its spelled.

Since Saskatchewan already rested during bye week, Riders could probably approach BC as a regular game. Besides, staying on a losing streak never helps morale. On the other hand, resting key players might be the smart thing to do. Risking injuries is unnecessary because this game has little significance for Saskatchewan while the Montreal game may be the most important game of 2005. Afterall, playing possum sure pay off for Toronto in 2004.

Resting guys like Nate Davis seems fine to me, but if Dominguez is ready we should dress him and put him in for a few plays to get him the feel of a playing field back for the playoff game in Montreal. BC isn't Toronto or Edmonton so we don't have to worry about guys like O'Shea or AJ Gass maiming him.

Well, I think the Riders wouldn't hurt themselves if they made a few changes which could possibly have to be made down the road if injury or poor play occur.

They should put in Lefall on the D-Line again and move Big Nate out not only to give him that extra week's rest but to give Lefall some more time just in case Nate does go down in playoffs Lefall will be up to game speed.

Put in Matt O'Meara instead of Childress. Childress is getting older and O'Meara is a good O-Lineman, once again there is a high probablity of Childress getting injured and this way his back-up will be up to speed.

Lastly, I say give Marcus the start but at the half if he's struggling or even if he's just playing an average game put Nealon in for the second half. Why? Well, seeing as Nealon hasn't taken a snap in close to three months now it may be a good idea to give him a little game time to get back to game-speed so just in case Marcus needs to be pulled in playoffs or if he even needs to go out for a few series Nealon is capable enough to do something productive with the Offence.

That's my take on it, but I'm not the coach and It'd be unlikely for any of these changes to take place.

Agreed, Nealon needs some time on field in the BC game.

IF and only IF Crandell falters or its a blowout by the Riders...umm never mind that last comment :slight_smile:

Just a thought here...it's really cool that you keep up on CFL bits...and I agree with your assessment. :smiley:

well who ever we have in there we need to adjust these second half let downs are about to give me a heart attack. Every team in the league adjusts we just keep running the same set up over and over even when the linebackers have moved to fill in those gaps, sure it works good for a quarter or first half but half time other teams are getting wize. I just dont understand why kieths trying to be a north south runner when you look and the line backers have filled those holes they caught on but i see the same run over and over. Just adjust and we will be fine. But this year i guess thats easier said then done. Theres no one int he league who can touch us when we play our A game and both offence and defence are fireing, the other thingi noticed offence is having a killer game defence lets us down then defence is having a killer game then the offence turns the balls over they need somthing to get them all on the same page and riders will hand BC some punishment.

We should forfeit the game and give our playoff spot to the Renegades. I have completely lost all faith in the Riders. Why bother relying on other teams to lose so we can make it in the playoffs. We shouldnt have made the playoffs it would have done our team good. Taught the management that our team needs work instead of always willing to suffice with a team thats isnt consistent. Plus this whole Trevis Smith Thing puts even more of a damper on the season more than being trickled into the playoffs.

Forfeit FORFEIT FORFEIT!!!!! or at least start Crandell then in the second half give Nealon a shot.

The Renegades are already out, and even if they weren't they don't deserve to be in there either. I think there weak spot is at receiver, so why not try out the new guy they have in camp? He looks like a big solid guy. I would play Dominguez if he is ready, to get him into game shape. I would be sitting my db's since they are small and get hurt easily, because we already know what they can do. Benefield can cover, and stop the run, so they should put him a linebacker as long as he not covering a speedy wide out. Maybe Clermont or the fullback, then start Lefall.
Since this is a meaningless game, would it hurt to actually try some new formations and plays? The time is now for Marcell and the rest of the coaching staff to reach down in there bag of tricks, and try to figure out how to move the ball on offence.

Unfortunately, I'm not too sure they're not at the bottom of the "bag o' tricks" already. I would've thought they may have tried them out in one of our last 3 losses.

However, if there are some ...."gasp"..... NEW ideas......., you're right, this is absolutely the time to try some things out. At the very least, it would give Montreal something to think about come the following week. At the most, it might let us beat them, which would be cool.

Lets analyse the playbook to date…
Shotgun draw up the middle…
Screen right to Wide reciever…
Screen left to wide reciever…
Second down hook pass 2 yards short of the first down…
Thats our bread & butter plays…throw in a few corner routes and counter plays to holmes and thats about it…you have to wonder why Crandell even needs the playlist wristband …Bellefool should just use fingers holding up one finger for SHotgun draw ect ect…that way the fans can show there middle finger in response to the brillant play calling. :slight_smile:

Good playcalling ideas Dentor..... that's probably why Marcel used to be on the sidelines, to send in the plays that way. Now that he's up in the booth, he has to get someone else to put the index finger down for the shotgun draw on first down. Well, actually, I don't think they even need to call that, it's just what they run every time. Apparently the defences have also got that figured out too.