Riders vs BC

Yikes! If any game this year means a %&$#load, it's this one. On the positive side, the last time we lost two in a row, we won 5 in a row. But....injuries are showing their teeth on this team's depth right now.
It appears to me the Riders have a fragile mentality. They seem to shut down after a big play or turnovers that hurt. Let's face it, three of our four losses were blowouts before the half! They were out of it mentally in those games.

And look who's coming to town....Jarius Jackson has now figured out his offence and if he doesn't start, Buck Pierce will and we all know Pierce has killed us in the past. And another thing working against us is that everyone has had their 'gimmie' or two against Hamilton. By the time we get them, Printers will be on top of his game. Let's hope his teammates chuck his smart mouth out of the dressing room before then!

We need Eddie Davis and Matt back, badly. For the first time this season, a home playoff game seems likely a lofty goal. However, I cheer and I have hope. Like the last 40 years.

On a positive note - we've been very good at home this year, and some of the guys notably on defense are now playing for their jobs, so I hope we see some fire back there this game.

BC is a very beatable team if you can avoid the turnovers. In our first meeting we got thrashed because we turned the ball over, in the second meeting we played smart football and won comfortably.

If by very beatable you mean that you beat Jarius Jackson in his first ever CFL start, than OK. He's started 5 games now, and has looked more comfortable each and every game. We may even have Buck Pierce in the line-up for this one.

Going to be a very good game regardless of who plays for the Lions, but I wouldn't get too cocky.

i have a good feeling but my money is off for this one. and about the earlier Hamilton comment - lets be honest Printers isn't going to make this team become unstoppable. Improvment needs to happen in numerous places for them, before i'd be worried about us losing to em.

I don't think anyone is getting cocky here. The teams that have had success against the Lions this year are the teams that have avoided turning the ball over. The Lions defense scares me more than their offense this year, and if you win the turnover battle, you're likely to win more games than you lose.

Yes, you are correct. But the truly scary stat is that even without Dickenson and Pierce, the Lions have scored the most points in the CFL, not to mention we've also allowed the fewest.

Paul McCallum is also really coming on, starting to be the Paul that we knew and loved in last year's Grey Cup.

Not to mention Joe Smith's been lighting it up pretty well this season.

Calgary has now scored more offensive points than BC though, you guys lead the league in defensive scoring, which is the turnover thing.

I have a pretty good feeling that with DD healthy the entire year that we'd be leading the league in offensive points as well.

However, in a sort of 'blessing in disguise way', the Lions have quickly figured out we have one of the best running backs in the CFL.

This season, I am trying to adopt a new practice of positive thought when it comes to the Riders and for the most part it is working and I have had less stomach aches. Yes, it is easy to get downhearted and worried, especially after 2 losses in a row, but it is just as easy to not only hope for, but expect the best. Remember...you are Aladdin and the Universe is your Genie....

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, lion meat is really tasty!

When it comes to football there is nothing worse than watching your home team in a home game get blown out. That is what I had to watch the last time BC was in Regina. Yes Jackson is looking good and The Lions are a strong team in every aspect (offence, defence, special teams). However I have, with bias I might add, picked the Ruffies to win every game so far. The good news is, I was correct 7 times! Saturday is no different.

In order to win it is so important to score first. Also, I hope to see Reggie Hunt and the Riders D tackling their opponents this week, as they were unable to tackle anybody last week against Calgary. It would be nice to see Corey Holmes in the offence this week, not just returning kicks. In regards to a comment I read on this thread about needing Dominguez back: he is not back so we do not need to refer to him. What we need is for all our receivers to play to their FULL potential; get open, don't drop throws.

We have beat the Lions before (yes I know it was Jackson's first start) and we can beat the Lions again. Winning is never easy in the CFL but I expect a home game victory this coming Saturday.

Going to be a dandy game this Saturday. My Leos are in tough but I'm confident we'll pull through. Always seem to show up for these big games.

Well it’s sold out, let’s hope the weather is perfect for a football game, and that it’s an excellent game.

Im looking forward to it.

The Lions are not the only team with injuries. Please stop acting like it is news. It's not like The Lions haven't had ample time to adjust to the injuries.

I think everybody had some idea that Dickenson would not be able to play the whole season. That, and Buono forced Buck Pierce to start while injured, which injured him more.

Jackson has been with the Team for years now. I remember getting major victories with our 3rd and 4th stringer starting as well. Guess what? Back ups are capable. That is why they are on the team.

Good luck RLR, I will see your "Leos" Saturday.

By in tough, I wasn't talking about injuries. I was speaking about the Riders being a good team, especially at home.

Seems like I need to explain each and every little comment on these forums. A joke.

RLR - you've made your bed by listing injuries as a reason on so many occasions. People now assume that is what you are referring to. Combine that with the lack of respect you give most teams and it is tough for anyone to think you are referring to anything else.

That being said, I go back to a comment I made in an earlier thread. BC, SK, Winn, and Cal are all close. Whichever team limits its mistakes will win. If mistakes are fairly even, the game will be decided in the final couple of minutes, likely being won by the last team to score. Should be a good game Saturday.

Im hoping for a great game.. Im pumped!

If the Lions win, hard for Riders to regain confidence to finish the season. Except for Week 3, every time I've gone to a Riders/Lions game in Regina, they have been close. Don't expect this one to be any different. This is going to be for 1st place in the West.

Yeah, this is gonna be quite a finish this year between Calgary, BC, and Sask.

So if the Riders beat the Lions this weekend, does that mean that the Lions are the fourth best team in the league and the Riders problems are solved?