Riders vs BC on Thursday

Anyone have any idea what’s going to happen? Looks like a head scratcher so far.

Hopefully this is the big break out game at home. We've started very slowly every game at home, I think we've trailed every game at the half. Hopefully we can really take it to the Lions and not put the game in doubt for once at home. It would be nice to really have everything come together. I think we can win by more than 10.

I kno we typically play close games, but there is no reason for us not to destroy the Lions this week.

considering where it's at and who it is, the 1-5 Lions. we're going to HAVE to have a very solid Defensive game.

they'll come out trying to do whatever they can.

they won't hold back.

our team can really do a great job if we choose to. we need to relax and focus on the little things.

I say Riders by less than 10. Jarious is going to start so we will have to deal with a more experienced QB - if our D plays like they did in the 2nd half against Montreal then it will be a blowout in the Riders favour.

It's my birthday on August 12th and I can't think of any present I want more than to watch the Riders crush the BC Lions.

Typically, games against the Lions are hard-fought affairs. But this year's edition of the Lions seems to be a heartless group, that are looking for answers, and not getting any. Based on history, I'd say this is a close game. Based on the fact that Wally Buono will be standing on the East Sidelines, I'd say this is a close game. But, given the disappointing loss the Riders had last week, and how poorly the Leos have played this year...I'd say that the Riders are gonna lay the boots to them in a good old fashioned curb-stomping.

Knowing Jackson is starting it makes me a little more nervous then if it was Lulay. I don't like the occassional deep threat he poses, plus the Jackson to Jackson plays always irked me. Still, The Riders should be able to get the W here without too much hassle. knocks on wood

If your defense can rush Jackson into bad throws then this game will be over by half time. Jackson has a history of throwing interceptions into double coverage. (Gee, he did that last Saturday against Calgary).

Lions have been close in all of their loses, the Lion defense has played well, its just been the PREDICTABLE offense that has done squat. I picked the Riders by under 10 on you poll, but deep down, I think we need somebody to really blow us out to get Wally to wake up and make some changes, starting with firing the Offensive coordinator.

I never write any team off as even this far into the season things can change so quickly. Injuries to top players can sidleine a team faster than anything.

I always worry a bit when the Lion's have their backs against the wall as they do now. They can be an extremely physical team and have been know to take out a player or two during games. I am hoping that our offense plays a tight, disciplined game while giving Darian the protection he needs to get the ball away or to run for yards.

I expect that Mosaic is going to be crazy noisy in support of our team today and that might help mix things up in the Lion's offense. Jarius is still an open question for me as he hasn't played long enough this season to judge just how he will handle himself. He is a vet and has had success against us in the past.

If we can keep penalties to a minimum, I think we will take the Lions by more than 10 pts.

Riders rule always!

Nice win by the boys. Still wondering why our O and Special teams are only firing on 6 of 8 cylinders? D played nasty…Jerrell Freeman D Player of the Week.

I was a little unhapppy with DD's passing performance in that game - a few missed opportunities and that second pick there was definetely some miscommunication there. Despite these complaints though there was little else to not like about how the Riders played. Cates is looking impressive! I'm pretty sure he had as many 7+ yard carries as he did 2-3 yarders. Durants running was fast and unexpected (at least for BC!). Bagg pushed for extra yardage every time and Fantuz was almost always wide open when we needed him to be. And that's nothing to say of a defence that completely destroyed the lions! One final complaint though, Rodriguez needs to work on his game a little. He wasn't responsible for all of the missed catches but he was often in the area when one occurred. Still, awesome game and awesome play by the Riders! :rockin: