Riders vs BC on Hallowe'en

Does anyone think we have a chance in beating the Lions?

we play the game to win.
the only question is which rider team shows up?
seeing as it's halloween will it be Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde ?

protect your QB at all costs aand put the fear of god in theirs :twisted: and this is what we are not doing :oops:

Better question: Does anyone think the lions have a chance to beat the Riders?

According to Frazier, they want to go out and play hard BUT....BUT...they also don't want to get injured! lol There, that's your answer to whether or not the Riders will win tomorrow! what a laugh!

BC needs to win to have a shot at playoffs, so their intensity will be high.

Question is, will our intensity match theirs?

If so, we have a shot. If not, well.....

it all depends.

The Riders can win this game if they come out and play hard and play mistake free.

Regardless of the score, I would expect to See Dinnwidie and a few other 2nd stringers for a half of these next 2 games. It would be the prudent thing to do IMO as these guys could use the "game" situations. It would also help aleviate the injury concerns and would not be seen as mailing it in, but rather the smart thing to do, just in case of injuries in the playoffs.

I don't think the Riders have the luxury of worrying about injuries right now. They need to get their game back before the playoffs start otherwise they will be a very healthy group of guys going home early.
Anyways, of course they have a chance to win this game, anyone can win any game in the CFL.

With the way the Riders have played the last three weeks, the answer to your question is "YES"! Not being pessimistic...just a realist. I hope I'm wrong, though!

We need to win this game. I do not like the idea of losing heading towards the playoffs lol

Thanks Riders for spoiling Halloween

we got the trick and they got the treat BOOshite

it's just football..

unless some of you bet your life savings on this game! :roll: