Riders vs BC, OCT 2ND

Any suggestions on tonight’s game? I’m thinking our start determines the outcome.

The story of the game was our defense.

They gave up 28 first-downs during the Lions 14 possessions. They just couldn't stop anything in 2nd and long. But unlike the Edmonton game, they managed to keep them out of the endzone with some impressive goal-line stands.

It wasn't quite the worst performace of the year for the offence ( Week 3 vs Montreal was worse ). But the consistancy and the improvement wasn't there this week.

As for your theory of it all depending on the start -- they started well -- goal line stand, and a nice march.

After that, it didn't go much of anywhere until the final TD drive.

yeah but Durant did not play very well at all.. he was not consistent with his passes and seemed very rattled.

they need to be quicker off the ball.

I heard a great peice by wray morrison today, He was saying that the blame cannot just fall on the QB, or the O-line, or Wes Cates, or the Recievers, Or LaPolice the blame has to fall the the OFFENCE as a whole the whole offensive team played poorly and each one of them played a part

You can't lay it all on the offence either. If the defense were able to stop some of the long BC marches, we could have had more opportunities. They just kept hitting those 10 yd crossers in 2nd-and-long all night.

One two-and-out in the last minute, and we could be talking about a different outcome. They kept themselves on the field all night, and had nothing left.

But most people will lay off the defence, considering they gave up so few points.

Some of those catches the BC players made during that last drive were just sick. If Geroy doesn't pick that pass off his shot tops BC would have had to gamble or punt. At that point with the score tied they wouldn't have risked the gamble. You can't defend that kind of catch.