Riders vs Argos

Anyone willing 2 venture a prediction?


I will say or ask this, I was born and have lived here all my 56 years, and remember the days of George Reid and Ronnie!!
But Sept 14 game will be my first time ever attending a game, what all should I take in hope to be there 2-3 hrs pre-game!

Oh we will be in sec 55 row 11 anybody close are welcome to say hi!! Can't wait for Sat.

If the riders come to play like they can, we win, if not we lose, that's my take!

You will have the time of your life! :thup:

Wish I were there.

Tailgate start 2 hours in advance, and this will be a rowdier growd...late Saturday game, coming off a loss, and it should be nice out.

55 is south enzone, and you should have reasonable sun for the little it will be up. Not sure if that is bench or seats. You will be right beside where the guys come out, and have a clear view of the jumbo. It is also the side of the field that most scoring happens on.

Tailgate drink tokens are good inside as well, and the food, especially burgers, is better inside (a burger inside is like 3 times as thick, and they have toppings). Have a water in hand after halftime...they run out on occassion.

have a blast!

It's going to come down to Rider Offence vs. Argo Defence in this one. Which Rider Offence comes to play? We know they have to have motivation after the dismal performance last week..

And not sure about Zach Collaros yet. We are going to have to make sure we take the run game away from him.

My prediction... Riders gain advantage via the Thirteenth man and win by a field goal.

I'll be there to cheer them on! Go Riders!!!

With Ray& Owens out of the Argos offence, I expect this 2 b a low scoring game (21-18 Riders). This game will b decided in the trenches.

Si le s Alouettes les ont battus et ont tenu leur bout en cafouillant la semaine suivante, toute la ligue peut les battre et les Roughriders devraient les écraser.

should have been the case last week though as well right?
This is a home game. I like the Rider's odds.

I just watched an interview and it seems Dressler will not be playing this week, to give him a chance to heal a bit, To bad as he's my fav player and being my first game. It's just a big upset, but will be wearing my #7 jersy!!

he’s on the 46 and listed in the #1 SB spot (not that that means anything) so who knows. Could be a gametime thing. They are saying Kierrie Johnson will take his spot. Dressler is apparently dressing but not playing unless absolute need.

Anderson and Smith are both also on the 46

Heenan is however out.

I seen that Heenan was out, that's to bad also. I guess I can hope to see him in action, but still looking forward to my first game, oh seats I think are 21-23, My son and nephew are joining me!!

The Argoholics are coming, and win or lose, we drink our booze!!!

Ya Chamblin.....don't think the "slow and steady" is workin anymore. Wonder how many games will be lost before they figure that one out.

Two points... first of all we should NEVER leave a game in the hands of the officials... secondly, worst officiated (including the CFL nerve centre) game ever! Are you seriously going to tell everyone who watched the replay over and over that the ball wasn't spotted at least 1 to 1.5 yards farther forward than it was? And the interception on the same series... ball caught... one step, two steps, hand down, fall down and THEN the ball comes out is not a reception?!?!?!? Seriously????

3 - 3 in the last 6 games and we should/could easily be 1 - 5... NOT going in the right direction :frowning:

Roll Durant out on the 2 point conversion... you know their bringing the house... OMG!!!!

Lastly... waaaaaay too many points off offensive turnovers in the past few games! Defensive is playing well for the most part but for crying out loud... we're playing against second and third string quarterbacks and running backs, we've got to do better than this :frowning: If I failed at my job as many times as some of these players are right now, my butt would be fired! Accountability is a big part of the game... some players need to look in the mirror!

I hope they don't impact the game either jbstewartca. I can see why tonight has left a bit of a foul taste in people's mouths. Obviously I hope the Lions win tomorrow but I'm not banking on it. Their O-line is so porous. I think every team is onto them and knows they just need to biitz, blitz, blitz. The Lions have enjoyed a history of beating MTL in B.C. Place. That may just come to an end tomorrow. :frowning:

I think BC is better than their record reflects and don't get me wrong, I don't blame the on-field officials for our loss tonight (like I said... NEVER leave a game in the hands of the officials) but the two calls on the same series that both went to the "control center" and both went against the Riders were terrible... that's not the fault of Andre and his on-field crew (although I will say they are consistently THE worst crew in the CFL)... that's on Higgins and the control centre!