Riders vs Argos

The ARGOS will not have BAKER…but they should win big time.

I say Riders all the way!

I think that the riders are gonna take this one in a close game. As long as there good old place kicker doesnt miss another 2 or 3 fairly easy fieldgoals. Because I think that’ll be the difference in this game. Kinda like the Montreal Edmonton game. Had Flemming not missed that kick Edmonton would’ve had 3 more points. And Montreal would’ve had 7 taken away from them. If You ask me that was the game turning point for that one.

Wow I never realized how much of an impact the special teams truly had until last nite. Gotta love the CFL :mrgreen:

Yeah, tur is a little crazy (and That is a lot if it’s coming form me!)

But you never know, the Dolphins were 17-0 in 1972 and they weren’t thee best team by a mile. People even picked Washington to beat then in the Super Bowl, desipte the record and becase their team was named “after a fish” (?WTF?). I wish I was kidding abou that but I’m not!

With that said, I think the Argo will win.


I will be going to that game…so the ARGOS should win… :lol:

SASK. have always been an wild card for the ARGOS at the Sky Dome.

Last year…they beat us by scoring 2 TDs in the last 1:50 of the game…to win.

And we have beaten them the last time they played.

The ARGOS will not have BAKER…in the line up.

There will be lots of SASK. fans there who made the trip or live in that area at the R.C.

But the ARGOS have a better defence , and SASK…haven’t played the defending champs at home.

SASK…are due for a loss , just like EDMONTON, was.

ARGOS…by… 6

Although I will be happy with a Riders win, the Argos might pull this one away from the Green and White this early in the season. Clemons is the classiest guy in the league and deserves respect as a motivator. I have heard stories of him driving throughout Ontario by himself to do charity appearances. He is a great role model for all of us. That aside, Nealon is still learning after sitting a year , and Damon Allen adjusts better than any qb in the league- how many games have we seen were Damon have a so-so 1st half but comes alive in the second half. That is his experience. Argos defence is very good and they are at home. I would be elated with a Rider win but all the advantages are with the Argos.

Go Riders Go
Rider Pride forever

Both sides should be cranked up for this one, I dont think these two teams like each other much, like the Montreal Edm game, I think the Argos have more to loose by dropping this one then the the Riders, so probably the Argos by 7.

Riders. Because.

O.K. …time to go to the ROGERS CENTRE and watch the ARGOS …beat SASK…good bye , ya all.

Riders should take this by a touchdown or two. Toronto has one of the worst run defenses in the league. Riders on the other hand, are the most dominant team along the ground. This should take us a long way in this game and will lead us to victory.

I agree Argos by a touchdown

O.K. it will by 1 point , only…ARGOS!!! :lol: :wink: :lol:

Yeah it was good game but Allan needed a dropped interception a 3rd down gamble , two penilties and the roughingthe passer was BS again. all in all gg right until the very end which is what makes it fun to watch. Allan is truly a master and he does kind of look like Yodi.
Post game:
I think we can put to rest a few things now.

  1. No perfect season …(come on that was a wet dream)
  2. The Rides do not Suck.
  3. McCallum does SUCK…right now anyway.
  4. the refs have not gotten any better. watch the first Travis Moore TD and tell me that was not a worse case of R the passer. STOP protecting the old quarterbacks…I have seen Allan pump fake and scramble away many times so get with the game and stop trying to dictate it. End of Rant.

The ARGOS won because they played for 60 minutes…SASK…had far, far less penilties than the ARGOS did…compare them…the refs even gave the ARGOS offside after the time run out…and the ARGOS , had stopped …SASK on 3rd and 10…and had to do it , AGAIN.

WHY would the CFL REFS favour TORONTO?..every one hates TORONTO, right?..and most of the CFL refs are from, THE WEST!

McCALLUM…SASK…missed , 2 FGS…a… SASK…player fumbled…the turning point of the game.

SASK…don’t have that killer instinct and HAMILTON , almost came back to beat …SASK…as another example.

The ARGOS are a far better team…than SASK…AND even on an off night , the ARGOS can turn it on and win the game down by 14 points…

How about the SASK…defence…they didn’t stop the ARGOS 2 TIMES…= 2 ARGO TDS…the recievers still have to catch the ball in the END ZONE and ALLEN has to throw it to them.

Are all the games that SASK…lose , going to be about the REFS…? :lol: :lol:

AND…SASK…are going to be in even more trouble as they lost 3 key players , against the ARGOS…

1…injuries , are part of football…

  1. …sacks , are part of football

  2. …dropped interceptions , are part of football…

  3. …missed …FGS…are part of football.

  4. …blown calls , are part of football.

  5. …AVERY, FUMBLED giving SASK…an easy…TD…

  6. …the ARGOS were missing …BAKER ,who was suspended.

The ARGOS had FAR more pen…in this game , than …SASK…did!

The ARGOS WON… because they were the BETTER TEAM… :wink:

Look at the stats they don’t lie. It will tell you that the better team did not win but pulled off a flukey comeback. The riders dominated that game and everyone that watched would know that. Unless your retarded.

ARGOS …27 …SASK…26…that is the only STAT that counts. :wink:

BUT…if you insist on talking about other stats…the ARGOS had far MORE pen. than SASK…so there was NO REF bised for the ARGOS…and as you write , the STATS don’t lie.

AND GREAT teams , find a way to win , with out a star reciever…and even on an off night.

SASK…didn’t play 60 minutes of football…and it cost them…

PAUL Mc…missed 2 FG…SASK…fumbled giving the ARGOS new life…and they took avantage of that break…as great teams…tend to do.

The SASK…defence counldn’t stop the ARGOS , 2 TIMES = 2 ARGO TDS.

ALLEN…220 yards passing and 3 TD passes. NOEL P…made all but , 1 of his …FGS…

Last year, 2004 …SASK…did the same thing to the ARGOS…and they won , fair and square. :smiley:

= ARGOS , WIN THE GAME. :wink:

ARGOS = 2 and 1 , tied with MONTREAL for first in the EAST. :smiley: