Riders vs Argos

Riders by 6 ...Travis Moore game star.

As much as i hate to say it.. Riders by a field goal. I see a defensive struggle on both sides, not much offence.

Well it looks like the Riders got their bad game out against Hamilton, which is good cause they still got the W, against the Argos Esks Leos or Alls they would have got tossed around or atleast beat.

This is going to be the Riders game, and hopefully the rest of their no shows come against the lower teams to and well have a wicked season :slight_smile:

Riders, but not by much - especially if last week's performance is anything to go by.

Nealon's got some unfinished business in Toronto where his season ended last year. Hopefully they stretch the Argo D and go long early. Look for Holmes to have another 100+ yard game on the ground.

Argos! How could the Riders win? They suck.


You are 1-1
We are 2-0
We are better until proven otherwise.

Well, Lets Go Argos, as you so eloquently put it, the Riders could, conceivably suck. One definition of "suck" is "to draw in so that extrication is difficult", thereby meaning that the Riders will ensnare their opponents so that they cannot be freed. So I suppose the Riders should possibly thank you for the compliment?

.........thats a unique one.......we can add that definition to ones like the riders are phat and sick...........

I’m going to enjoy this game cuz we will see if the Riders live up to their hype of a perfect season by facing the Argos!

Thanks, RedandWhite - I think?? KK, don't buy into that crap. The Riders may have a decent team, but we're gonna have our hands full when we meet Edmonton and Montreal. Perfect season? I highly doubt it.

Yes, it was a compliment. That's exactly what I was saying!

some fans were claming that the Riders would have a perfect season this year after beating Winnipeg and Hamilton, but I will not buy it unless they beat Toronto but with so many injuries, it's HIGHLY unlikely.

A few posts back there was talk that the Riders suck…and a definition of what that term means.

A good application of that term is the well known explanation for why it’s so windy in Saskatchewan, namely,…It’s because Alberta blows, and Manitoba sucks.

I do hope this helps to clarify the terminology! :roll: :mrgreen:

boy, am I glad I am an ARGO fan…

Kanga, yes a few fans claimed we could have a perfect season, but one of those was Turkeybend, who you should know by now is the most sarcastic poster on this board. I don't think we will be perfect, I am not trhat neive. This is the CFL, just look at the ottawa montreal game. Doesn't mean The riders won't get 2nd or 1st in the west though

the only reason the argos could win is because of the coaching and togetherness pinball Clemons gives, either than that, they got a bunch of players at each others throats or in the case of prefontaine, a sucker punch to the face, lol. atta-boy baker, lay it into him, this just only helps the riders.

Only in the English language can "blow" and "suck" mean the same thing. As far as the Riders having a perfect season goes, please. Don't start. We had to listen to that last year from someone else's fans until they eventually lost. You're about 13 wins in a row short of even thinking about that. I'm not saying you won't do it, but c'mon. You're a long way from it right now.

There is one philosophy in basball that I believe should apply everywhere
If a pitcher is throwing a perfert game or no-hitter, no one talks about it untill it is done.

Well said ro1313!!!!