Riders vs. Als

Here is my wishlist for Sunday.

  1. They win. The coaches have been under a lot of pressure. I hope the crew can win one for a lot of reasons.

  2. QB's connect on 30 completions. We're again playing a very tough defense. That is actually a blessing for our young QB's to learn and see all these high octane D's. But I want to see us connect on 30 between Price and Smith. That gets receivers 3-4+ balls each. I might be dreaming but that is what I hope to see.

  3. More Houston. Lets see what he can do. He is only 20 pounds lighter than Messam. I hope we see him get the ball both running and pass route. Is Spann healthy again..............poor kid got injured and I hope he can return for the last game.

  4. D-line - 4 sacks and lots of knockdowns. Glenn is not mobile. Get him on the ground or get hands up in passing lane. But it starts up front with pressure.

  5. Solid ST work. No more big gainers. Own field position all game. Finish the year like they have played all season.

  6. DB's......survival. We're so banged up back there. A national fill in brought in this week. Just survive and pretend to have tight coverage.

That's my hope. I would add spot on tackling but that isn't reasonable given the track record all season long???????

Lol you might as well wish to win the lottery, probably a better chance of that happening first.

I just wish the game to be over and the cleansing to begin asap.

yep,, never really remember feeling this way before,, but really cant give much of a damn

Well I can remember the bad times in late 70's and up to the mid 80's where it just felt like this team would never make it into the playoffs again. You could go up to the ticket booth on game day almost any game and pick up a ticket just before kickoff even and quite often there were plenty of good seats open. The Riders were at that time the butt end of jokes most of the time. The thing to say back then was the Riders and farming have one thing in common, it was always next years country for both.

This team has had its set backs before and I'm sure it will happen again unfortunately, it would be nice though to get the right management in to stabilize the situation and maybe the bad years at least wouldn't be as bad as the last two have been. It is one thing to lose but be competitive but when you go into a game and don't ask are they going to lose,but instead how bad they are going to lose,that is when you know things are not good. Yes the team was in many games right up to the final whistle this year but after the loss in Winnipeg in the banjo bowl things started to unravel pretty quick from there on out.

It certainly should be an interesting off season to say the least. I think everyone hopes for the same thing and they get the right guys in that are going to add stability and longevity to the team's success.

Haha my thoughts exactly! Put this disaster behind us

As crazy as the ups and downs have been, since the 2007 Cap enforcement the Riders have won 2 GCs...as much as anyone else, and been there more than anyone else...pretty crazy for the amount of termoil in the organization.

This team has a solid core on O...it is there. They need to get a little better on OL depth wise, and probably at RB....they Need a 1 International DL, maybe 1 National, 1LB and 2-3 guys for the secondary....this is all doable to be competative immediately. I know how I would get there, though I know everyone hates it. The real trick is dumping the horrid coaches. There are a few keeper, IMO, that I have mentioned in the past....but guys like Quick (who are a disaster at playcalling and a disaster for player attitudes in practice), Missick, Pettaway....those guys should have boxes waiting for them when they land after this game. Of the rest...there are a few who I would push to keep, and a few that I would let the new HC and GM decide on.

I hope the Riders get blown out...I mean, it would be nice for the players to go out on a win. The Als, for the most part, will stay in tact for 2016...their biggest issue was the non-stop parade of QBs. For the Riders...40% of this team might not be back...20% probably done in the CFL....that would be nice to see them win their last one. On the other side...a blow out is a stern reminder to the board just how bad things are....and that if Hoppy tries sticking his nose in that they should have no problem saying 'thanks for the 4 year contract parting gift, but we will manage the team on our own.

Is that Taman and Chamblain, or Hopson? He better not have a 4 year payday on top of the 1.5 mill drain from these other 2.

no...that is the BT contract which by default then includes CC

It will be very interesting under very unusual circumstances with a losing team what Professionalism Rider management has through this coming off-season; You Have-

Best Fans
Super season ticket base
New stadium soon to be
I suspect - a wad of cash in the General Account

This off season will be a Major turning point in the teams structure and history and somewhat the CFL - The management of the Riders must grasp the concept of WHAT WAS and WHAT CAN BE for this organization.
I have been in business for many many years , I love the CFL and follow all the teams player and management moves in my spare time -
I must say the Riders do intrigue me - how bungling management can survive all through Rider history when you have loyalty from the people of Saskatchewan who clearly love their team.

Management of the Riders - I ask that you build for your community a franchise with GREAT expectations of what IS !!
The CFL needs it and the fans.

I will watch the game today with Great expectations from both clubs and enjoy what the CFL is .

Well very impressive first half by the green and white ( dripping in sarcasm). Allow a raw rookie to throw for two majors, allowing lots of yards off of broken tackles( yeah I know big surprise.) The O line couldn't pass block against a bunch of preschoolers let alone a pro team. Penalties, penalties, penalties.

For guys that are playing for jobs they sure don't look like they want to be back. Probably most of them don't.

Well hopefully this puts to rest the "Price is the better QB" bs.

Wow! The riders eh

The D finally showed up in the 4th Qtr. It only took them the entire season.

We are probably going to the cup next year

To be fair to Price though he had zero protection all game. Now it was not much better for Smith and yes Smith did show not only his scrambling abilities but he also did go down field while doing it. Still Price has not had the time to play that Smith had so Smith should be better. So good on Smith for the win and yeah I think he has shown enough to lock up the 2nd spot.

Have to get the other Smith and if Rosevelt is up then they have to get him signed also. He is certainly a keeper in my books. Dressler while not a target most of the game he showed exactly why he is so good. Yeah he had the one drop that he should have had but he also had 2 td's and was as usual clutch when it counts.

Really I have said it before and I understand what he could bring as far as picks or a trade but unless they get at least 2 first round picks or a super super O linemen or defensive player then to trade the heart of the team away would make me sick.

Love Bagg and Brack but if moving them allowed for Smith and Dressler to remain then that is the way I would go.

Not with that crew on D were not.

I haven't really seen anyone say "Price is better" on here. Only that they both seem to have some potential. I still believe Price has better downfield vision in the face of the rush and a stronger overall arm, but Smith has a distinct intensity. I think they are both good prospects going into next season.

If you can distinctively say Price is a dud after 1 start in a brutal game where the OL was napping because it was the finality to a dsismal season...that is pretty impressive. Perhaps you should go back and rewatch Smith's first couple games...they were about on par....different things were brought by each, but overall on par to perhaps Price having a better first start.

I will say this though.....after tanking a couple leads and dropping in OT to start the season....pretty cool way to end it.

Could be, a season and a half of rest should have them ready to go next year.

Ottawa went from 2- 16 to 12 - 6 ? in one season so sure anything is possible if they have the right guys running things.

Never said Price was a dud, just that I do not see him as being the better QB in skill set nor awareness. There were several calls on the post games with people calling in proclaiming Price to be the next heir apparent. I don't know where you get that Price has better downfield vision. I certainly didn't see anything from him to back up that fact, he seems to have some poor pocket vision as well (could have been game jitters as well).

Of course the O-Line hasn't helped any QB for the last year.