Riders vs Als

Will be an interesting game with Willy starting at QB

The Als looked good 1st drive...pound the run in the face of a D that cant stop anything up the gut.

What if I think that the game will be decided by EXACTLY 10 points. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is Willy starting?

Riders need to get to the QB. 0 pressure so far

Willy good pocket presence there rolling to his right and buying time. 1st down move the chains

Durant is nursing a hip injury.

I did not think the Riders would fair well today...or rather I thought AC would clean up...but I did not expect this. The D is just horrid and taking rediclous penalties. Going to be a long game for the Riders.

Need to keep them out of the end zone

BIG PLAY ON D. great job hanging in get all those dumb penalties out of your system. stay the course

Wow the riders added a new package to their defense with Hurl and ferri in on 2nd and 10 or more passing downs. New wrinkle the Als did not expect

Holds the Als to a rouge big

Off to an super fast start for the Als and penalties unlike the Riders and that is it.

Look for the riders to come out in those TE and double TE sets Willy looks to throw the ball to Dressler and Getzlaf which is a good thing always looking for his first option best players. Nothing fancy he knows who his best offensive weapons are and he goes to them

Cab expect that calvillo getting off to a fast start thats who he is the best QB in the league but the penalties are a huge surprise
and one was questionalble as a rider player ran into his own player out of bounce that bumped him into the ball carrier

damn, when are they going to invent injury free football, arrggg

Willy has potential for the future but they needed Durant today to have a chance.

Big here to stop them pinned deep and get that field position in the riders favor

got two out of that one with the safety. and still gets decent field position with Sanders with another nic return

D needs to come up big again and keep the field position in the riders favor. a sack or a rb tackle for a loss

Time for the offense to put some points on the board. Even a FG would be good at this point