Riders vs Als

Hey, big win over Calgary. I've been critical all season about the Rider's weaknesses but today they delivered on them. They stuffed the run, they got first downs when the needed them (at the end of the game) and Miller used his challenge flag when he needed to. TSN be damned, that challenge flag in the 3rd quarter was the turning point. My game ball goes to Freeman. (and the whole defence without Simpson in the 4th deserves a nod)

Against the Als, they will need to improve their special teams. The attack and the coverage. They never attempted a field goal today but still managed to botch a convert. They have to work on the kicking game. They have a weather advantage, I believe but also, a gnawing desire to put that damn 13th man issue to bed, once and for all!

It's going to be a big week leading up to a big game! Go Riders!

Sorry but no weather advantage as last year showed! Need to come out hot right off the start. No slow starts!

well one would think that the Als will be at least a LITTLE bit worried about the hunger the Riders are going to have! no? AT the very least, in the back of their minds.

Yeah, I'm with you on that. The Riders 'should' be big time motivated to right the wrong from 2009. However, don't underestimate that the Als would like to 'right the wrong' as well. I don't think any of them felt the truly 'beat' the Riders in 2009 and this will be the motivator for them.

It really wasn’t that cold last year at the Grey Cup (Temps. about average for this time of year). I am now hoping that it will be just as cold in Edmonton as it was today in Calgary–I would bet the 'Riders would be able to handle that better than the Alouettes…Below average temperatures today, same next week (I shall be wearing my Green fur coat in Edmonton!)

Edmonton's forecast says plus 3 by Saturday; that'll feel cold to the Als (after a weekend in the dome) and after this weekends temps in Calgary, the Riders will think they"re in Florida! :lol:

27 Riders played in the GC last year. They will be on a mission and will come out victorious. Knocking Calvillo out of the game early would help too. DD needs to be on his game. If I have a choice, I hope the weather is colder than it was in Calgary.

This should actually make for some extremely good football having such a rematch! I think Durant's improvements this year (he can run), the Als' on-average weaker performance this year and the hunger to see a win during the centennial should work in our favour.

On the other side of the coin, this might be AC's last year before retirement and he'll want to go out on on a high note badly if that's the case, the Als still have an extremely impressive defence and, let's face it, you'd think getting called for 13 men last year would've made us wise up during the season opener!

On the bizarre note, these two teams have not played each other in three months and both have grown dramatically in that time.

Finally, there is the history aspect. The following are the back-to-back championships between two teams in the leagues and how they played out during the last 50 years:

Winnipeg/Hamilton 60-61: WPG wins both times
Hamilton/B.C. 62-63: series split
Montreal/Edmonton 74-75: series split
Edmonton/Montreal 77-78-79: Montreal wins the first, Edmonton the next two
Calgary/Hamilton 98-99: series split
Montreal/Edmonton 02-03: series split

Overall, recent CFL history favours the Roughriders for this year; aside from the Winnipeg example above, there have also only been three times that a team has won back-to-back cups (Ottawa in the 60s, Edmonton in the late 70s/early 80s, Toronto in the late 90s).

Just figured that this board's token accountant could provide some encouraging facts and figures! :cowboy:

Interesting look at the history of it all.
One thing about AC retiring though, personally I highly doubt he retires after this one. He is within one good year of breaking Damon Allen's records and I am guessing that he comes back for that.

Bonne chance aux Roughriders, et que la meilleure équipe gagne!

Merci beaucoup et je vous souhait bonne chance à votre équipe aussi :smiley: :lol: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :lol: :smiley:

Translation: "Thank you very much and I wish good luck to your team as well." Hope I don't have to translate the smilies :slight_smile:

Calvillo has said he'll be back next year. Cahoon has yet to decide, I think he will retire.

Sorry, I don't read smillie, can someone help me here?

Doh ! I gotta translate the smilies :lol:

No to mention the $ lol

Let me be the token deputy vice-assistant ancient historian third class, and tweak this a bit.

The Hamilton/BC split was in 63/64;
That Winnipeg pair over Hamilton was 61/62;
Going back just a bit, there was the Winnipeg/Hamilton triple in 57/58/59, Hamilton winning first and then Winnipeg twice;
And of course Edmonton beating Montreal consecutively in 54/55/56.

I also believe AC has another year on contract and said he was interested in another year. Not sure, but I believe both him and Ben signed 2 year contracts preseason.

Thanks ploen_truth, shows what I get for trusting Wikipedia... (big mistake, admittedly).

Hopefully this shows a larger trend though where we've replaced Edmonton as the powerhouse of the West.

I would think that bad weather might favour a high-percentage passing, ball-control kind of offense over one that relies so heavily on the big play. If the Alouettes can contain Durant and the weather slows down the passing game...the Alouettes might end up with an advantage on Sunday.

Checking the forecast...it looks like around -6 and partly cloudy.
God knows if that'll change in the next few days.

As far as being motivated is concerned....don't underestimate Calvillo's desire to redress his less than stellar Grey Cup record. 3-5 looks a heckuva lot better than 2-6. He'll probably be back next season....could end up retiring with four Cups to his credit, the all-time passing and touchdown records and undisputed claim to greatest QB of all time.
If that don't motivate you...what will?

History be damned. We lost again.

At least we didn't lose like 2009.

Somehow, I'd feel more hopeful for the future had we lost the west final. ???

Going into the future, we can't blow this thing up but I'm afraid that's where it's headed. Miller is undecided, Daly and Berry have to go, we need a pass rush, we need a special teams player or two, and Taman is not done bringing in more ex Bombers to drive us to a first draft pick. I think we have a long, road ahead.

Rider fans - start working on your next generation. My hope is that they, will one day see, another Grey Cup victory.