Riders VS ALS game thread (Garbage Bowl)

Popp LOVES his challenges!! :roll: :roll:

Yeap.. That should have been 7.... Stupid ref

Fumble and score by Riders pending review - nope DC was down - Nice try though greenies

Wonder who Glenn thought he was throwing that one to?? Looks like they get another go. Bad penalty by the roughies.

Looks like the birds have slightly exceeded your expectations in the first. Now if the greenies can keep them from scoring the rest of the game then you might have a good prediction there! :wink:

Not that I care, because I hate them, but how can the SRR be so lousy?

(1) Chris Jones' ego, which led to...
(2) 80-85% of the team are new to the team; coordination/cohesion takes time

And losing their QB. :slight_smile:

When the QB slides feet first, isn't he untouchable? I think that is a penalty.

Yikes! The refs call everything else but that.

And typically not playing well in La Belle Province. :wink:

Jones grasping at straws here - just about as bad as Popp with his challenges :roll:

I thought that was a penalty.

Greenies D stepping up here - but they'll have to get some points on the board. Wonder if Jones is a fan of halftime adjustments to counter the larks D?

I'm hoping for a rain delay so I can go to bed!

This game is awful. :thdn:

Chip Cox interfering with a receiver???? :o :o :o - Negates the sack and keep the greenies drive alive

too funny - when the Al's toss the challenge the announcers are repeatedly saying "rules are rules you must call it by the book"

The Riders toss a flag and its all "I guess it depends if you call it by the book or not, not sure everything should be"

Either it is or it is not called by the book. Win or lose my opinion is the same ..... too many challenges in the game. At this rate just get rid of refs - keep a few lineman and have everything monitored by video and computers lol

Not likely. Nah just sleep through this one so you can stay awake later to watch the Stamps and Leos in the second game. It shouldn't be such a dog!!

That was illegal contact?

Works for me!

You were expecting a good game between two desperate teams??? :lol: Just kidding!
Jones is desperate to get that second “W” and Popp is just plain desperate! :roll: :roll: