Riders VS ALS game thread (Garbage Bowl)

[i]OH yeah!

The two worst teams in the CFL face off in what Johnny calls the Garbage Bowl! A battle for the title of "not the worst team in the CFL".

Chris Ego Jones VS Jim the HC impersonator Popp. Two head coaches that are hated for different reasons.

Let the mediocrity BEGIN! :rockin: [/i]

When was the last time the Ti-Cats won a Grey Cup again?

Not that it matters or is really relevant to this thread but the Cats last won it all in "99". I'm not quite sure why you even brought the subject up to be honest. This game day thread was started by a well known Alouette fan who just happens to fashion himself as a Ticat slayer, besides that it has nothing to do with the Cats and everything to do with the Riders-Als game tonight.

For those of you out there who like to wager a buck or two on these things the spread is currently favouring Montreal -1
(take Saskatchewan to cover and straight up)

The over/under is currently set at 49.5 (take the under)my guess is that this will be a low scoring affair with TD's rare and at a premium. For what it's worth my prediction for tonight's game is the Riders-17 Alouettes- 14.

Just to finish off Johnny's absolutely 100% correct the Loser of this will have the worst record in the league and will be sitting firmly in 9th place overall in the standings with one lonely victory and two measly points to show for five games played so far this season.

what does the TiCats Grey Cup history have any relevance whatsoever to this thread?

Why did I think the Ticats were playing tonight? :frowning:

...BCRiderFan cannot withstand any sort of criticism against his precious riders, and his rage clouds his comprehension...

Let's see if all the posts in this thread can be about the Ticats. I think that would please Johnny to no end.

I see that Collaros is getting close, but is not yet taking first-team reps in practice.


Johnny's hoping this guy wearing #22 is the future head coach of his Alouettes :wink:

Has it really been THAT long since the Ticats won the Grey Cup? :cry:

[i]Give it a rest dude! Crap on Johnny all you want when Johnny picks on your Ticats. That'S fair and Johnny will never complain about that. Johnny didn't say or imply one thing about the Ticats in this thread!

It seems that BCRiderfan looked at Johnny's name and avatar a little too quickly, and thought he was was A Ticat fan.

Johnny is the one who should be angry! :cowboy: [/i]

[i]Yes Bobo, Johnny wants Steinauer as the Als next head coach. Great coach!

NOW ENOUGH ABOUT THE TICATS! STay on topic, and the topic is the Garbage bowl![/i]

That last Grey Cup win by the Ticats was so long ago, the Grey Cup trophy was made out
of wood! :rockin:

Rage, haha. I take criticism, but respond to cheap shots. And I don't pay particular attention to the backgrounds or favourite teams of other posters.

You, on the other hand, sound pretty sensitive. :lol:

Game bumped on TSN 4 and 5 by golf. Had to switch to TSN 1.

Montreal with a big drive - 7-0 Als
3 catches for Duron Carter :rockin:

Larks score the TD - Mr Jones wouldn't have been happy with his defense but they get the job done this time - 2 and out birds.

Bede can kick a convert but not a FG apparently. :roll:

Gale another 2 and out. Montreal D giving him problems?? Montreal continues to be a penalty machine. Surprise surprise! :roll:

Game starting very slowly. Come on. Let's gets some action!

That's a lateral. Just stole a Touchdown from the Als.