Riders vs Alouettes

A groaner, or one for the ages?

Should be a close one, though I expect the Riders to pull one out at home.

Riders playing at home, very healthy on defense versus Montreal's scout-team offense and with the Als already having secured first place in the east. Anything less than a decisive SSK win should be a red flag for the Riders IMO.

Dunno. Its still the CFL and Mtl always plays the Riders tough.
These two teams have had some classics over the past few years. I'd like to see one of those today.

Nice drive by the Riders with the wind. Good ball control leads to a TD

Als got a big break on that review

Hey rider fans, now you know how Argo fans feel about poor officiating!!!!!!!!!

Yes it was a bad call to extend the drive, but that doesn't change the fact that its the Rider D that hasn't stopped the Als from continuing to march down the field.

Cmon, D...step up!

5 minute review and NO explanation on why that ridiculous spot stood. JOKE!

Riders secondary breakdown or bad play call by Hall? Either way, massive play by Mtl leads to a TD
10-7 Als

Shea Emry DQ...thats HUGE!

Anyone know what happened?

Sucker punched Labatte in and around the stomach/groin area.

Wow. He must be thinking of trying out for the Lions :twisted:

Terrible phantom PI call.
The officiating today is a throwback to the dark years of a few years ago

More Joke refereeing

Well, if it makes you feel any better, Odell Willis's unnecessary roughness penalty would've wiped off the interception anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

One Rider player had a hand on the Montreal players facemask; from the replay.

yes - his hand brushed the helmet - I don't mind it being called so long as it is consistent. It has been very unbalanced officiating today. I don't care which standard they set so long as it is applied equally to both teams

When the Als receiver was in the air his leg was hit by a second Rider defender. Could that have been a factor in the PI call?

It shouldn't have been, as the Rider was playing the ball (as evidenced by the fact that he caught it)

Officiating has made a difference in this game, but the Riders aren't playing well enough to win right now, in any case