Riders vs. Alouettes Grey Cup in Calgary!!

:D :D it is pretty clear now that the Riders will be playing the Als inthe Grey Cup in Calgary. What a disappointment for the Stamps fans. Oh well, support the western team = The Riders. Come on over from the dark side and support the Green and White- Rider Pride Nation Wide.

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

What's also pretty clear is how both teams have a bye week going in whereas the other team get's time to stay hot going into the game. Nothing's ever written in stone in the CFL :lol:

True...but could also get quite banged up. :wink:

Most likely. Considering the Al's record and the fact that only three teams (BC, Edmonton & bombers)have recorded wins against the Al's, I predict

Al's 40, riders 13

Als 27 Stamps 17

I'll be a re-match. Riders will lose to the Stumps in the WF.

Ya I kinda agree, I was just getting his hopes up.

Calgary will embarrass EE in WSF. Calgary is better than the riders and will show up and take it to the Grey Cup with the Al's taking it this time!

turkey, SHUT UP.

you're shooting your mouth off!

And that's different from what you do... how??? :expressionless:

I really like the way Edmonton is coming together as a team. Ricky Ray with a potent running attack with Wittlock--something he's never had before--SCARY!!

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched, Saskatchewan. First place has been a curse to your team in the past :oops:

couldn't resist, could ya?

heck yes Turkey! forwand into the pages of history!!! Riders Vs. Als, best team wins! :rockin:

Sorry Turkey your Riders have to get by My Eskimo's who are gelling at the right time and have beaten you twice this year.

Riders will bow to the Stamps in the West final, Durant just hasn't proven yet he has Grey Cup calibre in him.

I hope your team thinks as foolishly as you.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Riders over Als in the 2009 Grey cup

I would say riders /cats more realistic and if calgary comes back to our house for the WF we will once again send the stamps back to calgary holding there peders except hank we will give him a new pair of granny panties


Imagine that. Since this is his first year as a starter, he would have had to be pretty special to have already proven himself Grey Cup material in the past.

I'm hoping for an 05 rematch... not as exciting though. Hopefully the Esks repeat their home victory against the Als from this season.