Riders vring back Sunseri

Riders announced they signed Tino Sunseri. Likely he will be 3rd on the depth chart


...makes sense, he knows the system (or at least can get up to speed pretty quickly)...

Move makes sense but I'm surprised as I didn't think Chapdelaine had any time for him.

I think "Tino knowing the system" is a pretty poor excuse IMHO. When you are a third string, you should have a lot of time to learn the system and it is not like Tino has had years of a experience under that system, he had a few weeks (and is a couple of weeks removed from it as well). A different QB would be preferred in my opinion but I guess the pickings were slim.

Tino will be 3rd on the depth chart, this way they can wait for NFL cuts and hopefully bring in a quality QB to compete with Smith.

He didn't prove it last year, but I always thought he had a great up side.
Maybe this second time around he'll get another chance.

Als showed exactly how quickly 3rd QB can become only QB. At least Bridges had TC to learn some plays. I could see RRs bringing in another QB and giving them some time to learn playbook *if Sunseri is a concern.

in a game against Calgary last year he had 3 TDs and 3-2 point converts to tie the game.
so there must be something there, just to have the right coach to bring it out ?

He throws a really nice football, he just takes forever to make a decision so the pocket collapses and he gets sacked a ton. If you give him time back there he will pick you apart, which we saw glimpses of last year. Decision making is way too slow to be a starter in this league.

For my first post on the cfl.ca forum I Completely agree with the above When TS was hot He looked real good. He can definitely throw the ball accurately. But when things fall apart they really fall apart for the poor guy. Hopefully that can be remedied.

Tino's long ball = good to very good
Tino's short game = hesitant. He over thinks it and ends up throwing after his release point...thus all too often throwing behind his target or missing the opportunity to throw it...when you miss 2 reads on a short pass you are going to get hit a lot...and he does.
He has pretty good mobility but does not use it.
He has the tools but Tino's biggest problem is getting out of Tino's own head. A dedicated QB coach might help that

He has looked best off the bench because he steps into a nothing to lose situation...when you have that mentality you step out of the over thinking thing...you also throw more long ones.

Good thing you're not a GM eh?

Yeah...Tino had more than a few weeks...it was likely more like a few months of studying the book and talking with staff...even if done remotely.

I like the kid he is a gunslinger.
Needs more work for sure, but for me anyway is a good back up.

A gun slinger has to be quick on the draw. A skill that Sunseri definitely doesn't have. If it was the old wild west, Sunseri wouldn't have lasted past his first gun fight.

Riders are very nostalgic these days: Kerry Joseph, Kevin Glenn, Paul McCallum, Tino Sinseri ...who's next?


Whatever happened to the highly touted - by Riders fans at least - Keith Price?

He was brought in and practiced and met the media. Had a very positive and eager attitude. He's a likeable guy. I only ever heard one report about his game and I honestly do not remember where I heard it so I have no idea how accurate it is so please do not take this as gospel. Apparently once he got into pads with the Riders he had difficulty making all the throws so was never seriously considered to dress. He was cut in the off season but the rumor mill (and again only rumor) that the Riders have maintained contact with his camp since.