Riders Versus Bombers Rematch

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Wpg up by three .

Stadium is Loud .

Great read by Gaitor

Ed Gainy going over to Kembrell Thompkins after the injury on a feelings level is priceless.

You could see that int coming from a mile away.

I don’t know how McAdoo still has a job. Easily the worst O coordinator in the league.

It’s loud, Sask is still struggling to find offense. If not for the slippery Mason, the riders would have no offence. Zack threw a pick and damn near another.

It would help if you receivers could hold onto the ball

CLASSLESS move by Jefferson

Surprised nobody caught him from behind with that stroll down the field .

Big Willy Jefferson - White Rabbit Pick Six

Good pick but bad gloating before he scored. He is lucky that he didn’t become a highlite reel for fumbling

Always finish the play before show boating

should be game ejection for hitting a ref,

How the HELL is Brooks still in this game!!! That is ridiculous.

It was clearly not intended. Good call - it was off setting roughing on the 2 players and the rider got the extra because a ref got hit.

There is a huge difference between hitting the ref and a ref getting hit

It’s pretty clear that the contact on the official was not intentional. It’s worth a penalty but that’s not an ejection.

Penalties are the only thing keeping the Bombers in this now.

Ed Gainey pick off - Wow, Go ask Alice when she is ten feet tall.

refs are so poor at officiating they can’t give out proper penalties when they themselves are involved

There isn’t anything that says about intentional or not…


SECTION 3 — DISQUALIFICATIONplayer shall be disqualified from the game, and substitution permitted, for any act of serious misconduct, including but not limited to:

A player who has been disqualified from the game shall be required to leave the bench area and not permitted to return.

was More a pick then contact but penalties are the same

Sask’n takes a time count viol. - but only costs themsleves 2 yds