Riders v TiCats

Thunderstorms and 28 around kickoff. Sounds like football weather down in the south.

With Durant making his first start, I hope that rainy weather will keep the ball in Cates' hands more and out of the air.

Lumsden is fantastic, but airing it out gives Saskatchewan a higher chance of losing IMO.

Bring on the rain, 150 yards for Cates, and a 26-20 Rider win!

Ham 35 Riders 17

53-10 ticats

i hope it rains the whole game (like crazy).

Tre Smith and Lumsden will each have 20 carries which will likely mean each over 100 yards which will likely mean...TI-CATS WIN! TI-CATS WIN ! :slight_smile:

Hamilton: 18
Saskatchewan: 11


Lumsden is a better RB than Cates...Printers is a better QB than Durant.

Dominguez (and Fantuz, I guess) against our DBs would give the Riders an easy win, except that the weather and the lack of a decent passer will force them to keep the ball on the ground.

Riders' fear of Lumsden will open up the passing game to Miles, Woodcock (who's starting to look like the sure-handed receiver he used to be) and newcomer Mitchell. The more-experienced Printers will be less affected by the weather than Durant.

Moreno will break the Ticat record for tackles in a game (currently 15 by Calvin Tiggle).

Hamilton 27, Saskatchewan 19.

I like the way you think compadre.

Ticats for sure to win.
The other question is how many will show up in the Hammer?
Are the fine citizens of the Hammer back on the bandwagon?

I hope so! They have something to be proud of in a team regardless if HAM loses today.

You would think at least 25,000 should show up.

From what I've heard, expect around 21k.


Do the Bills have an open practice today or something?

Whats the capacity of IW anyways?

18-6 for the riders.

If it rains I suspect it will be raining for both teams.
We've managed pretty good against the run in the past I see no reason for a change here.
Short passes should work in Durant"s favor.

I didn't give you a touchdown because you're way too confident & I think that'll work in our favor.

I could be wrong but I just don't see the cats pouncing on a rider team that is playing as well as it is. I certainly don't expect the riders to forget to show up... 31-3, 53-10??? I suppose it's possible but I doubt it.

Fear? Fear? we don't got no stinkin fears.

Sure to win??? without a question? In the CFL? Against the Champs? I have my doubts.

I hope to see a good game from both teams.

An even 30k I think.

AHAHAHA off your meds I see. :lol:

Should be a good game. Riders are very strong vs the run. I expect a close game where the team that makes the least mistakes will win. If mistake-free ball is played, I give the edge to the Riders because of their stronger D.

Anyone know why this game is on so early today?

Probably because of another sporting event later this afternoon that TSN is airing.

Ahhh NASCAR... Naturally :slight_smile:

CFL and TSN Live Scoreboards are currently down.

Well you got the Riders part correct thus far

forgot to add "... Naturally" to the second half of that...