Riders unlucky tonight- Riders will Return!!


The Riders were unlucky victimized by untimely turnovers which will not occur again. Watch out Leos, the Riders will school you next time!!

Riders will Rule
Leos will drool!!!


I'm sure they are shakin' in their boots, turkey.

There you are Turkey hiding with your own thread. And seriously a sad attempt to hide my friend.

Turkeynuts I have to tell you after the Stamps lost two games badly I felt a bit depressed. But nothing like watching your Riders get spanked brings me back to life. And then the gravy Winnipeg loses to the Eskimos. Now I can not recall some of them were hoping for a last minute TD by their hero. And not this time good effort though. Speaking of effort Turkey whats wrong with your riders. Is it time to panic now do you change players. Oh the other one was that Paul would be scared coming into Regina. I guess the Riders fixed that now didn't they.

All in good fun move along just have some fun with Turkey!

it was a happy moment for me when i just got home from the bombers game a little depressed after a close loss but then i turned on the tube and the riders were losing 28-0!

id blame this loss on fantuz.....lol

he played like crap and dropped alot of KJ passes that woulda been big gains of 20 yards or more..instead the riders had to punt.

maybe the riders still woulda lost, but atleast they woulda been pickin up some 1st downs and getting in scoring positions, or in FG range, and the defence woulda gotten a rest.

Yeah i don't know what the hell has gotten into Fantuz lately. But he started to look okay in the 4th.

mmmmm mmmmmmm turkey baking turnovers?

Better wipe the egg off your face first. LOL

Turkey pie anyone!

There are CFL games where one team simply dominates the other team. This did not happen on Friday night in Regina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, the Riders beat themselves rather than the Lions doing things to them. Take away the Riders self-inflicted mistakes, KJ rolling out overthrowing wide-open receiver, fumbled punt just before the end ofthe first half, Fanu's dropped balls, etc. these were all Rider mistakes not BC Lions good plays. I did not see the Lions dominate, rather the Riders committ self-inflicted errors.
That is why I am not as concerned and believe the Riders will prevail. congrats to the Leos but watch out next time.
Riders will Rule
Leos will drool!!


The Leos beat the Riders, which is why they won the two points. If the Riders had beaten the Riders, then the Riders would have gained the two points.....

.....but seriously for a minute, turk (if that's even possible), BC was skilled enough to capitalize on the Riders' self-inflicted mistakes.....which means they were the better team and deserved the win.

No argument there JM, but my point is that the Riders did most of the damage to themselves rather than getting thumped. Did you get the feeling that the Lions offence dominated?? No it was our turnovers that led to most of the BC scores. Our 'D' was not that bad. Take away four key turnover plays caused by us not good Lions plays and that game would have been very interesting. ANd, Banks rolling in the end zone after a Leos score late in the game won't be forgotten!!!!!!!

turkey plucks

"Take away four key turnover plays caused by us"

Only problem is............you cant take them away!

Its a known fact, you win the turnover battle, you usually
win the game. You didnt, you lost, live with it!

BC gets full credit for the win in my books.

So Turekynuts the Lions did jack to the riders! Hmmm I know a QB that you love say that as well. Did you or some of the rider fans laugh at him for that.

So thats see turkeynuts you want to remove the turnovers and your team then played well. That must mean the sTamps were great in their two lopsided losses in your mind. Again instead of exccuses you use what if's. When a defense has 42 points scored on it how can they possibly play well. I suppose the score could have gotten higher and the defense held them to 42 points if thats what you mean. JM02 is right the BC Lions beat your team nothing else.

Heck red, we'd be 3-0 if we took back all our unforced


no the difference between the stamps is they strait out suck those fumbles and inceptions were burris mistake and your defence sucked both games

riders had more net yards than bc calgary didn't come close in both games i rest my case

Yes Lord Turkeynuts make it so.

Kid please pm Arius he will help you out here your over your head. Players do not go out to make turnovers the other team should have credit for it. There is no difference. The BC Lions caused the turn overs your team did not go out to throw the ball deliberately to get a turn over, the running back does not delibertly fumble the ball do you get my point.

Dont waste your time buddy... Im pretty sure there is no hope...