Riders Uniforms

Explain to me please why sometimes they wear black pants and sometimes white??? is it just white now with the exeption of the third jersey or do they still switch off sometimes???

Anyone wanna fill me in on the uniforms?????

Nevermind the uniforms.

When Danny Barrets team brought in the black jersey as the third colour i heard sub-par uproar regarding some weak minded race card being played. Reggie Hunt once told some old lady at the blackjack table at Casino Regina , "Oh Really? We all like the black jersey the best." <<< loosely quoted <<<

As for the pants i dont know. As long as they got green on somewhere we wil be okay .

Grey Cup bound sometime maybe this year. . .

I still need to know why the pants are sometimes black and whay they are sometimes light silver!!!

its just like a 3rd jersey type of deal.. Its no big deal..

k, look here jackass... So far I have seen you write 2 stupid assed responses to topics... Does it really matter why there was black jerseys? no it doesnt. I actually dont mind when they wear them - they usually win when they wear them... So if it was a race thing then so be it... Also, what other colour was the 3rd jersey supposed to be? Pink?

Whoa!? I really wasnt saying why they were wearing black jerseys. All i said was," i heard sub-par uproar regarding some weak-minded race card." Sub-par uproar is hardly confrontational i never once said anything that deserved me being called a jackass.

I told a story about #9 in a casino. I was there, he was playing blackjack. That story actually had nothing to do with race. Maybe i should have used a seperate paragragh so as not to create false link between two thoughts in one post; my bad.

In the future, take a deep breath. thanks buddy.

Oh yeah i almost forgot. I think they just use the alt. jerseys/pants when other teams have similar colours. It gives them choices. Not much science or rules behind it, In my opinion. I also like the black jerseys. However i appreciate the classic green/grey/white, Great look.



Both those pictures are from home games with their green jerseys but they used different pants each time. Like jman said it is no big deal, they alternate from time to time.

Ya have you also notist that....uhh the jerseys are also years apart, those jerseys are old and duhhh they always used white pants and now I sometimes see black ones but I guess my best answer is they alternate from time to time, good enough.

There GRGbleedgreen, I switched the picture to a more updated one.

Thanks but that doesn’t realy help me, I know they sometimes wear black pants, sometimes white, I’m trying to figure out why.

from what ive heard, and what makes the most sense, is that its a seasonal thing. during the first half of the season its white pants and the black shirts dont really make much of an appearance. but nearing fall when the temp might drop slightly i hear the black pants and/or jerseys keep the circulation and body temp a little more balanced. again, just what i heard.
but one thing about the uniforms is they should keep the old emblem on the chest permanantly. look what happens in the playoffs when we wear something disgusting (ie 06 west final= coors light? at least stick a pilsner bunny on there or somethin we can relate to)

i cant stand the silver pants

Personally, I am not a fan of them wearing black as I tend to prefer the traditional colors. I do not see the reason for the 3rd jersey other than for sales. I guess we should all start saying that we bleed Green and Black for the amount of times that they wear the black uni's.

I heard that we are getting retro jerseys this year

I Totally dig the concept of Retro Jerseys.

I like the ol uni’s from the days of Ron, George and Bill Baker the Undertaker. Bring them back and wear them all year. I have never cared for the black uni’s or pants.

I like the black unis... i think the team gets up for the game more ( and usually faster... like 1st quarter ) when they wear them.

But ooo well, they could be wearing green with flouresent pink and purple polka dots, i'd still cheer for them... I (L) my riders swoon

yea. but thatd bell hella ugly lol

We all like those jerseys because it reminds us when this team was a consistent contender, unlike now. Too many fans get giddy over a 9-9 or 11-7 record. Until we make the leap to 13 or 14 wins in a season, we will still pine for the old days when Lancaster , Reed and Baker dominated the CFL.