Riders' Uniform History Question

Hi there,

I've got a question about the Riders' uniform history.

This is from the team website:

"The team also changed its colours in 1948 to the familiar green and white. The Roughriders were in bad need of new uniforms, and when executive member Jack Fyffe found a set of green and white jerseys at a surplus store in Chicago, the “Green and White? was born."

I have attached some Rider football cards from from the 1950's and early 60's.
The Gilchrist and Anderson cards are from 1958. The Habig and Purdin cards are from 1963.

I don't see the green and white. Although maybe the pants are green and white ( in the Ray Purdin and Neil Habig cards)?

I know that sometimes the photo used for the card is much older than the year the card was printed.

Just wondering was the green and white short lived in the early 50's and brought back in the 60's?



There seems to have been some confusion at the printer's office when the cards, which were adapted from black and white photos, were tinted. I have seen Stamps' cards from the same era where the uniforms were green instead of red.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, there seemed to be some confusion in the printing. Saskatchewan’s team card from 1961-63 is actually the 1959 Cleveland Browns! lol