Riders unbelievable!!

:thup: What an effort by the damaged and injured Saskatchewan Roughriders. They battle like true champions even though they lose the leading candidate for league MVP (Cates) to add to the record list of Rider starters injured yet still almost steal a win from the healthy Lions. Congrats for the win on the road BC, however, if our Riders get healthy come playoff time the team YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY IS SASKATCHEWAN!! What a Rider defence - we turn the ball over 8 times and the Lions could not score a major!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders will Rule
Saskatchewan Roughriders :cowboy:
Grey Cup Champions

ya u don't turn the ball over and riders win that game hands down. congrats on a shut downb defence due to a horrible offence

0-2 is 0-2, no matter how you spin it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And tied for last in the west is tied for last in the west no matter how you spin it.


Well, we'll see next week if we're still tied for last in the West, or solidly in third...and moving up.

You are the only one spinning it.

You seem to be forgetting that we have already beat the Lions this season.

Your 0-2 should read 1-2.

I forgive you for your spin.

there is every possibility of a 4 way tie for 1st ehh

hey hey hey, its all about what have you done for me lately ehhh

Lions win sept 2-0, thats all that matters, so there :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Yeah? That is true.

The fact is, I busted you on your spin no matter how you spin it.

I'm old and tired and bent and busted
Wrinkled and grey, can't be trusted.....

sigh :wink:

The only time a perfect record will count from here on out is in November. :slight_smile: Even an old guy like you will be able to understand that FYB. :lol:

it all boils down to who is hot in November and injuries. When was the last time the number 1 seed in the west won the grey cup anyway.

If I were the Lions I would not want to play the Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006 BC Lions, finished first, won the Grey Cup.

We've finished first for the last 4 years, still a decent chance we'll make it 5 in a row.

You have to go back to what 1976? since the last time the Riders have finished first, if my memory serves me right. I think they tied Edmonton for first place in 1988, but got the home semi due to points for/against. The Lions knocked them out of the playoffs, beat Edmonton, then lost to Winnipeg 22-21 in the Grey Cup.

edit: yep, I checked it, I was right. 1976. Man that's a long time, and the most last place finishes of any team in the west by far, maybe even the most of any CFL team. No wonder you get so upset about losing to us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww. . .

I didn’t know you were old and tired. Now I feel bad for pickin’ on ya.

Is that line from a song or did you just you yourself?

its from an old song.

it's crazy how tight the west is now. i would say 1st is up for any team right now. except for the fact that edmonton got pounded by the alouettes.

All-time record versus B.C. since 1954
Record versus B.C. since 2000
Record at home versus B.C. 2000
Record on the road versus B.C. since 2000
No matter how you spin it.

Ditto.I couldn't have put it in better words.Riders still LOSE 2 straight games to the Lions. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: