Riders, um, am I missing something?....

.....this appeared in the Sask state of the franchise article on the main page and caught my eye:

One of the issues that Tillman has had to deal with in his short tenure as Roughriders GM is dealing with the CFL’s new Salary Management System which comes into effect this season. Tillman admitted that his club was on target to be upwards of between six and seven hundred thousand above the league mandated $4.1 million cap.

....besides the 4.1 million cap error (3.8 right? or did I miss something while I hibernated this past winter?), 'on target' to me means this breach of the SMS was a conscious decision, shame....penalties will be in the neighbourhood of 1.8 mil according to the SMS guidelines....ergo the rider salary related expenses this year will be again in excess of 5 mil....what up neighbours?!.....

....Hey Arius, maybe those belt tightening days aren't behind your club after all....

....[cue] release the hounds [cue].....

Now Red, we have to be sympathetic here. How long has it been since they won a Grey Cup? Hosted a Playoff game?

Perhaps we need to show a kinder,softer side, and turn a blind eye, so they can host one of those two before 2079. :wink: :wink: :wink:

...hey sport, I'm not being critical here, just inquisitive....I'm just kinda surprised I guess that this info was offered so non-chalantly....When the previous thread was written about the riders being in the +5 mil area I thought the intention was to never get there again and the 3.8 cap was going to be the "Thank the Lord it's finally arrived" levelling stick the Riders had always hoped for....now they're openly admitting they're blowing it....I am a confused soul right now....

“Tillman admitted that his club was on target to be upwards of between six and seven hundred thousand above the league mandated $4.1 million cap.”

this was what tillman projected the riders salary to be with roy at the helm. he has since trimmed it down and is continueing to do so. sask will not be over the sms cap. and yes roy seemed to have no intention of abiding by the sms, it seemed as though he thought it would not be inforced.

tillman is bringing this up to show how hard he had to work to get us back on financial track. also it’s a good excuse for cutting players!

the cap is $4.05 million...when they first introduced the idea of a cap, it was $3.8M...then later changed to $4.05M

...Otherwise he deftly handled the other key issues awaiting him, like enforcing the CFL's new, [b]$4.05-million salary cap [/b](teams repeatedly flouted the old cap) and instituting a drug-testing policy for players.

are you just trolling this forum :lol: , please check your facts next time before you start your vendetta against sask. it's not entirely our fault you lost the wds, henry helped too!! :lol: :lol:

Well there you go Ted Hellard said two to three clubs would be playing over the cap this year. It seems We found out one of them.

Riders version of the Grey Cup!

I though the 06 season was the last season a team could go over the cap and that the 07 season the cap would be strictly enforced?

Absolutely, the penalties will be stiff for those who go over. The crying has already started in the bunkhouse right 05 :twisted:

Who cares about stupid Henry…

What crying it is some ex pat rider fan that wrote a story on possibly one player that was upset because he took a pay cut for the team. I am sure anyone would not be happy with taking a pay cut. By the way I heard today that LIll Nate was serving burgers for Mc Happy Days. Truth is he ate more then he sold.

Yes the penalites are in effect this year and I believe the Riders will pay this year.

AH is love not grand.

Interesting take on what is essentially just a poorly written paragraph.
First, the statement is not a quote. Second, it is past tense, ie., "Tillman admitted that his club was on target...".
Next, the same journalist, in the article immediately before the one Red quotes, says "Many of the changes have been made to get the Roughriders below the league-mandated Salary Management System which comes into effect in 2007."
If you read that article, you will also note that the Riders have made more changes than any club except possibly Hamilton.
Translation, until Ted Hellard opens the books for the Stamps to prove different, it is highly likely they spent as much last year as the Riders and APPEAR to have done less to get below the cap this year.

But in the off chance that Red's interpretation of the quote were true, I would expect ET to get his walking papers.
While it is not impossible the Riders may be slightly over the cap, there is no way they are several hundred thousand over.
If we did nothing--cut no players, failed to use the "loophole", renegotiated 0 contracts, we would only be "several hundred over".
As we have done everything any other club has done--and arguably more than most--there is no reason to believe Red's take is correct.

But the journalist does need to go back to journalism school.

It is sad though, that Stamps fans can't get over losing in the semis last year!

I agree with your take on the way ET likes to spin things. He is after all a miracle worker.
But I will point out that Roy never had an opportunity to act within the SMS, so I guess we will never know what steps he may have taken.

read the CFL.ca topic under "the game" about the SMS system.

and for the 2007 Season the Cap is supposed to be 4.05 however it will likely go to 4.2-4.3M(with 9 teams + TSN deal) for 2008.

2006 had no, I repeat NO cap enforcement. it was more a grace year so teams can adjust.
the Riders player salaries on the 2006 year were more like 4.5-4.6M, HOWEVER their total player expenses in 2006 was 5M, how the difference? player bonuses paid making contract front heavy so that is counted in the 2006 season and not the 2007 season.

I as a Bomber fan hope all the other 7 teams spend 4.35M on their players and the Bombers pay 4M

Let all the other teams pay 900K$ to the Bombers, make my team rich.
The blue would get atleast 1M if all teams spend that much over the cap(likely closer to 2M) the money is given to the lowest revenue clubs(to my understanding)

FOR THE PENALTY! between 4.05M and 4.35M it is ONLY a money penality. player expenses of 4.35M = 900K$ penalty. beyond 4.35M is draft pick/other penalties.

My thinking for 2007 is most teams will be over(say 4 teams) but by a marginal number(say 50-100K) which is fine, they pay their fine and it's done. the bigger issue will be in 2008 or 2009 when current contracts expire.

I never liked him. Ive always been a Nealon fan

...Thank you Arius, re-reading the quote after your comments I can see how the wording is confusing...I read it that 'was on target' was by ETs hand written in past tense just after the comment was made, whereas 'was on target', by your interpretation, means prior to ET taking over....and I think you are correct in this interpretation...

haha.. so funny. :roll:

Wow that not be to soon! 2079! :lol: