Riders trounce Leos in B.C = Grey Cup for Riders

:thup: Unbelievable!!! With all the high priced West coast players my Riders still give them a whipping on their home field. 25,000 BC fans embarassed by their overpaid players. Riders = blue collar hard working - don't listen to your press clippings football players.

Wake up Lions- the Riders can beat you at home this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On to the Grey Cup Riders.

Riders Rule
Leos Drool :cowboy:

dickenson was 8 for 8 ( or something like that ) then got pulled..had he stayed in the game, the lions woulda won.

big oops dg :oops:, but don't worry i fixed it for you! :wink:

actually, that is very true..haha

i stand corrected :lol:

the turkey is just trying to be funny...right?

surely not even a rider fan would read so much into a first preseason game....would he?


i know im not lol

... might as well give us the Grey Cup now!!!

They are engraving it as we speak. What century do you think they will win it?

He was 6/10.

and after the game the riders were still 2/15 in grey cup finals


Might be the highlight of their season their GC game this early.

Yup , this was the grey cup game for turkey alright ,playing all those third stringers. Did you have your parade already? Don't you just wish you had won that west final last season instead?

NO way they are content!

It is clear Wally is worried about won team only,The Widers!!!!!!!
What Wascals those Widers are stealing a win at
WeeCee Place!!!
Widers Wule
Leos Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good post turkey now go finish watching bugs bunny and eat your animal crackers. :lol: :lol:

Good to see you're happy with your consolation "big" pre-season win. But wouldn't you prefer , say , a playoff win instead ? Or even a regular season win? Any way , what day is your victory parade?

Hey man, he is excited about a win.That is cool.
We just got a new coach.
Sure the Grey Cup thing is a little much, but at least Kent Austin will have a win under his belt going into the season. That is good enough to celbrate.

Ah but according to some you should not be happy with a win. Sorry had to post that. But you bet his first game even though it was preseason went well. Yes both teams played new guys but it seems that in the first game they came to win jobs unlike another green team.

You sure bout that preseason is nothing more then a tuneup for the regular season