Riders tried to trade for Burris this past weekend

Arash Madani broke it today on his twitter feed:

BREAKING: Have learned the #Riders made weekend trade offers for Henry Burris, offering a 1st round pick and more. #Redblacks declined. #CFL

By Sunday, talks broke down between the #Riders and #RedBlacks on a possible Burris trade. Sask hoping Durant returns by Week 17 or 18. #CFL

Desperate times call for desparate measures...

The question is, would the melon-heads finally forgive him if he became a Rider again?

why wouldn’t ottawa accept that?

they could have fleeced sask given their situation. Hank doesn’t have many years left in him if any. and by the time the team gets competitive hang will be long retired.

they should’ve made the deal and loaded up for the future.

I'd give up a Grey Cup if I could cleanse myself of the knowledge that I cheered for Mike O'Shea that one year.

Resist temptation Riderville, its not worth it.

Masoli for Riders 1st and Bagg. :wink:


If Burris is signed for 2 or 3 years at $450K per and Durant is at $400K+,
After Durant comes back, How can the Riders even come close to being Cap compliant? :roll:

Take the picks and run, Marcel.

Because you don't bail out in the first year, and you don't put all the blame for a weak offensive line and receivers that drop passes and blow patterns on the QB !! did anyone think that Ottawa would be a winner in their first year?
And next year if they are in first place they will be saying "glad we didn't panic and ditch Burris last year"

More bad news for the Riders, they've lost Taj Mahal for the rest of the season

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4886485-cfl-roughriders-lose-receiver-taj-smith-to-broken-clavicle/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/488 ... -clavicle/[/url]

I feel you're pain. YECH! :cry:

For sure! And, because of his big bucks contract, Burris would likely be released in the off season when Durant is healthy, and with likely little interest elsewhere, Ottawa would have first dibs on claiming him back for next year. It’s a win, then win again, situation for the RBs.

If it was a first round draft pick plus anything significant, and the trade doesn't come through, this will have been the first really bad move Desjardins has made, IMO. And as a Cats fan, that makes me happy.

This is what panic looks like.

LOL! :lol: Riders were SO sure that they could just wave their magic wand and return to the Grey Cup to win it again. Of course it is EVERY team's goal - that's why they play the games - but Riders should already have known what they had in Sunseri (he WAS there last season) and addressed their back up QB situation if they didn't think he would be a capable #2 in the event that DD was injured. Guess they thought DD was indestructible! :roll: He has been pretty durable, as has Hank, but trying to get Hank is really a desperation move IMO! Granted he would be more familiar with the Cortez system than any other QB that they could parachute in.

Now it seems that Chamblin thinks DD can return for the last three games (week 18)! :roll: Not smart to push an injured player into returning too soon!

Because Durant is on the 6-game injury list, his salary for his missed games doesn't count against the salary cap. And only the portion of Burris's salary for the games he's on the Riders' active roster would count against the cap. Assuming Durant comes off the IL for the last two games, the extra QB's salary for those games is offset by the two (or more) games where neither of them played.

Hypothetically, of course.