Riders trade for Price

Heard on the radio they traded a 6 and 7 rounder for Maurice Price.

Yes, and more discussion on WR Price in the January 2016 thread.

Well I guess we are all in a far as Price goes. Apparently they have just signed him to a contract extension and he hasn't played a down for us yet. :roll:

All I usually hear is if you want a quality player you have to give up a quality player,
we got Price for a 6th round draft pick swap and a 7th round draft pick,
hardly quality for quality ?
does Price come with ???

I think the ?? is will he play nice with others. Word is he doesn’t and tends to get the “I’m taking my ball and going home now” syndrome. That could be a big issue. Plus as I said at 30 his better days are probably numbered so signing him to an extension without stepping on the field really makes me wonder.

Like I said in the other post if this signing costs us either Dressler or Smith I don’t think Jones is going to be very popular with the Rider faithful. I really wanted to see both of them compete this year hopefully with a healthy Durant leading the way. At the end of the season then perhaps a more true assessment could be made in keeping both or having to make the painful departure.

Lets face it since Dressler has come back he hasn’t had the best situation to really shine and we all know he can certainly do it. I also think if Smith and Durant worked a bit together there could be good chemistry their also. So as I said let them compete and winner take all. That though may never be something either get the opportunity to do as Riders which really is a shame and may hurt the team in the long run.

I totally agree!! :thup: :thup: :thup: Our O backfield was not our problem last season, and with DD back... man it's going to be a fun year to watch the O

Well i hope that he plays better than he did last year. Although he did pick his game up a bit in the last month or so of the season, he was invisible before Labour Day. He was easily the least impressive Ottawa receiver, certainly the least impressive of all their FA receiver signings. In fact he was the only one of their FA signings that actually kinda disappointed. Struggled with fundamentals all through July and August.

Well, I guess he's first look now, so even if he drops 20 he'll still catch 70.

Don't worry he'll fill Dressler's shoes no problem!! and he cost us so much less!! This statement is ment in the most sarcastic way!

He is not meant to be competing at SB, or that was not the intent anyways. What was said by staff was that he was meant to go into Taj's spot in an effort to stretch the perimeter. W/O Dressler around who knows though. I tend to think Roosevelt would be looked at for a potential SB before Price is.

I’d just as soon have Dressler back, problem solved

Hopefully they resign Smith ,
with Roosevelt and Smith, me thinks Price is in tough, as his better days are behind him, he didn't have a good year last year and we got Price for not even a football ?
But he is Murphy's player from Calgary ?
And Murphy is being loyal to the players that he brought in

Yea, I don't think I can recall a day that I cared less about my team than right now. yea, Mo Price, meh whatever. They could dress anybody right now, they could even give Price #7 and Lemon #97. I couldn't give a good god damn. Thanks Chris Jones.