RIDERS @ Toronto Args Sept. 28

I want to see the DEFENSE come out and DOMINATE.
Be the DEFENSE the talant demands!!
It’s time

They are waking up but not playing very sharp so far

Is offensive PI not challengeable ?

They really came to play tonight. That’s the type of win they should have against the basement dwellers.

Now the real test next week and I expect the Riders to beat Winnipeg if the play them like Hamilton did…Shut Down the Streveler/Harris RUN attack
Very good game today.

Next game is a 6 point game

Teams are tied … riders have played one less game. The bombers will be pumped having lost 3 of the last 4. If and that is a huge if …the riders can win … they will be up by 2 with a game in hand and the season series.

Next game is HUGE

I still think this team is better than Winnipeg even after the Banjo Bowl beat down. They have home field advantage which will be huge next week. Looks like it’s not yet sold out so hopefully more people pick up tickets to pack the house

They quite for the first time this season IMO…part way into the 4th, and Dickenson unloaded on them…and they shaped up.

Toronto has been a weird team this year. They often hang in on games one week and get crushed the next. Serious issues remain at the blind side for them. You can’t be that weak there.

The Defense played much better then previous games albiet against a weaker team.
Still 5 sacks a little to no gain on the ground by Toronto.
Now the real tests come in this final stage of the Regular season
I don’t see any issue with the Offense however the Defense will have to approach 2018 standing if the Riders are to go too and win the Grey Cup IMO>

Huge Game is right!
I feel the Riders will be ‘even more pumped’; not going to get beat down in their own house.
I think the taste and smell of the last game against Winnipeg is still fresh and the Riders I’m sure are looking at payback!!

Good win. All 3 phases kicked in and played well.

Glad to see that the D came back and stopped them in the 4th. They looked like they were letting up, but come back and finished hard. Happy to see that. Happy to see the ‘coffin corner’ from Ryan as well.

Next game is HUGE. Playoff atmosphere, too bad I may have to work and miss it. >8(

Go Riders Go !