Riders to Win Grey Cup in 07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...unless Larry the Cable Guy covered it in one of his routines I guess not MJ...

Just so he knows what it is!

An "Aneurysm" is a boo boo in the head!

:lol: A new prider welcome hope you stick it out through the season.

Thanks but, I actually know what an aneurysm is. And I happen to actually hate larry the cable guy.But it's all good I can take it, and i admit the play on words thing was stupid, but i had nothing better to do. :slight_smile:

...lol, you're all right dude...

Welcome to the wacky world of Priders in dreamland!

In 1989 the party was all over downtown Regina. Traffic was backed up on Victoria ave for about 8 blocks all the way back to Broad street from Albert St. In the middle of the intersection of Albert St. and Victoria Ave. there was an absolutely huge bondfire. Traffic was backed up on Albert street from 14th Ave to Dewdney ave. The Scarth st. mall was full of people drinking and partying. And you may ask what were the police doing about it? They were playing music from the local radio station Z99 over the police cruiser loudspeakers all the way down Albert St.

So dont worry about us people here in Regina. If the Riders were to win the cup in 07 we know exactly were to celebrate.


Oh that’s right. I bet they slept with the horses too :lol:

And whats wrong with that? :lol: It is better then pigs or sheep right!

I agree with Turkey. The new commish should just hand over the cup to Sk. What is this I hear? you have to play 18 games and playoffs first? When did that come in?

Why dont we let them play the 18 games.....just for kicks!

Now don't pick on Turkeybend, he's under severe stress you know.... :lol: :lol:

Didn't he lose (or win) a bet and had to Marry Saskargo? Its no wonder he's under stress, making some bold predictions. :lol: :lol: :lol:

daytona20, I am not worrying, I was asking out of interest. I cheer for the riders when I am not cheering for Montreal.
And I attend more games in Regina than I do in Winnipeg where I actually reside.
However this summer I will attend more games in Winnipeg if everything goes well.

Read the thread title. Does your post have anything to do with the title of this thread if so explain.

Yes it does. If the Riders were to play in the Grey Cup then its a valid question to ask where the party would be if they won. Expecially since I attend games in Regina. Now whats it to you Redwhite? would you like me to post another expansion thread?

First off I could care less where you go to your games that is my point. The other point is will the Riders ever see the GC again in your life time. And finally you post another Expansion Thread and then I would ask you what is the point? Only some one stupid would do so. Go ahead prove me right. My I remind you I was one of the posters that stuck up for you with the expansion thread and now I will retract it.

OK now!
Am I going to have to separate you two?

I thought he was your twin Ro! And I thought they could not seperate you two. :lol:

dont get mad Red, I still respect ya.
I thought you were the one coming down on me.
I was only defending myself.
My post was based out of interest because if the Riders were in the grey cup, the party in regina would be second to none. A sunday watching the Grey Cup game on the big screen in Regina would not only be fun, but it would be awesome if they did win cause I would love to be one of the many filling the streets.
I hope that is a better answer and next time I in in Calgary I will buy you a coffee if you want to talk football.