Riders to Win Grey Cup in 07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:thup: Folks I am back and you heard it here 1st.

Saskatchewan Roughriders to win the Grey Cup in 2007.
Last year was a stepping stone. Fool Calgary then stomp them AT HOME IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Burris will never recover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Year Kerry Joseph will hone his skills , bide his time leading the Riders to the Playoffs, then drive the Riders though to the Finals. There, the Riders will simply dominate and the high salaried rich teams will sit back in wonder!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Stamps and Esks Drool
Not to mention the Bombers, Lions, Argos and the rest.
Gobble, Gobble

:rockin: :cowboy:

too bad that team is all in winnipeg now like 2 lineman, 1 or 2 D Linemen, 2 Dbacks, ur Kick returner, i think 1 reciever, and all the bomber allstars are back so good luck. Bombers Defence looks unbeatable now and with Dorsy and Albert Johnson as KR that looks solid and Oline with all those aquistions in offseason if they stay healthy, it don't matter who's QB with that protection and the recieving corps is huge in depth. and now theres back-up @ RB so if charlie goes down Dorsy steps up.

I dunno about u but i'd pick Bombers for GC

It's great that you have faith in your team, but you forgot 1 thing. LIONS repeat in 07.

Is it just me, or does this post look like it's been cut and pasted from 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006? Just change the names every year? At least this year, they've come full circle. The last QB to win the riders a Grey Cup, is now their Head Coach.


Thats what you said last year,
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!

If the Riders did win the grey cup, where would everyone in the city gather to celebrate?
Here in Winnipeg thousands gather at portage and main when we win the cup.
And I am by myself at portage and main waving the Montreal flag all by myself with the ALs win,lol

Turkerybends farm!

Like you even need to ask. There's so much empty space in saskatchewan they can gather just about anywhere in the province. Come on Saskatchewan is Canada's top producer of empty space theyll find somewhere to gather and march the hard part will be finding the way back home


The annual Turkeybend address to the nation.......

Turkey, come November,we'll hear your other traditional speech.....

Wait till next year! :wink:

Yes RO, I am a ALs fan first, Bombers and Riders second.

You guys are cutting Regina short.
Saskatchewan is no longer a have not province.
Sask is now exporting Oil, wheat and textiles to the US and other world wide markets at larger quantities than ever before.
My question still stands. Where in Regina did the city meet and celebrate the 1989 Rider Grey Cup Win?

Here is the famouse intersection that gets closed off due too thousands of Winnipegers celebrating right there on the street at Portage and Main.
For Grey Cups and for the Blue Jays World Pennant.
Heck I think there were a small group of people there when the Winnipeg Thunder won the title too,lol


I remember being in Saskatoon in '89 and rolling out of a Grey Cup party downtown and the whole downtown was wild with people filling the streets in celebration.

Beer Barons according to most priders the place to party for a Grey Cup would be Calgary!

After all, it was Calgarians who started the whole Gray Cup whoopla thing when some of them rode their horses into the Royal York hotel way back in the 60s.

Actually it was 1948 when that occured. The Stamp fans rode the rails with chuckwagons and horses.

:lol: Unlike 1949, last year , after my Riders whomped your Stamps IN CALGARY!!!!, Many white horses were seen sheepishly galloping out of town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STAMPS DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HENRY WHO????????????????????

The O-Line won't stop Glenn from throwing picks to our DB's. And yes I know we lost a few of them, but R.Hall will have them playing great.

Oh, by the way turkeybend the guy your reffering to I beleive is henry BURR-ASS!


....oh, what a spectacular play on words, cue the fricking high hat and a padumpbump on the bass....I get it, burr-ass = burris...holy crap, I hope you didn't suffer any sort of anuerysm coming up with that zinger, last thing we need around here is a guy flat out on his keyboard because he totally maxed out the fuses in the old neocortex brewing up crafty word games......take it easy now....

LOL..........Red, you expect him to know the meaning of the word "anuerysm"?