Riders to wear White Helmets on the Road

I think those were just to identify the players on tape easier, they had no intention of using those.

Very Sharp looking. The bestlooking uniforms from the 2 first game. Love the white helmets. Great job

The rider store tweeted that the jerseys looked different because the geniuses at reebok sent us two different cuts of jerseys, if you look at dresslers (the correct one) the green goes all the way up where as Bagg's and Willis' have that black pipin shooting up to their name (the wrong one) they said it'll be corrected in the coming weeks but I didn't mind the white helmets.

Those white uniforms looked super!!

I agree.
Just like the black helmets the Stamps had last year and the retro Argos lids.

I agree, by game end I was liking them alot.

In the classic good (white Riders) vs evil (black cat), good dominated to win as always happens. The classic battle!

The white helmets looked great I would love to see them as a road helmet in the future.

I thought I would hate the white helmets, but they do go well with the white jerseys :thup:

I thought they looked pretty sharp.

I'm kinda mixed on them. They didn't look as bad as I thought they would, but they still lacked some striping down the middle or something. I liked the green facemask portion of them. The "special occasion" jersey should be the green 66 retro's, best jersey's in the league IMO.