Riders to unveil retro third jersey at LDC

I think this is a great idea the organization had they've already began selling them at the stadium. What are your thoughts?

They're not as "retro" as I was hoping they'd be. I am definitely disappointed, although I know they'll look better with the numbers.....still, I won't be buying one.

oo ok i havnt seen them yet i was juss on the site and saw their news bulletin thing, thx for the heads up i was thinkin of buyin one when i go to regina for the classic

They're not bad, but they kept the newer green rather than go to the older one, and omitted one set of white stripes on the sleeve. The retro logos are two small old-style "S" logos on each sleeve.....they're not horrible, but they're quite plain, and not at all what I was expecting.

I hope they have a retro helmet, that would definately make the uni's that much better.

God, I hope the helmets wil be retro as well...or it will just look silly out there.
Hoppy seemed to allude to something "surprising" about the helmets, so here's hoping.

As for the retro jerseys themselves, I was a tad dissappointed, but I think they'll be better than the black ones.
I would have liked to see "authentic" 1966 replicas myself.

I really dont like them, they dont look "retro" to me. I would like to see them go with the jerseys they wore in mid-70's with the old logo on the helmet. It would be great if the Bombers went with a retro look as well.

Anyone got a picture?



....eeeiiiiahhhh, my eyes!!!....where was the warning of impending eye damage?!?!?........

I actually like them. They do have a retro look to them with the numbers on and someone actually wearing them. The biggest reason they don't look retro to people is the material that they are made with. I would have to assume that it was decided that the material used today is that much better and comfortable for the players then the material prior to 1985.

It does look sort of plain... :?

i would of put bigger logos on the arms like they did back then :wink: i dont like it.


Wow, this such an intelligent, well thought-out quote.. :roll: :roll: , how did you ever come up with something so witty? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww, don’t be so hard on him, sambo…after all, he is just a Bombers fan… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

They will look much better with Bomber cleat marks all over them.

After Labour Day, a lot of Bombers are going to be suffering from where-did-that-freight-train-come-fromitis.

If the Bombers can keep it close, I like their chances of pulling it out in the 4th.

Here's a pic with the numbers on em they look better than the plain ones.