Riders to mail it in after 16 games...

Looks like the Riders are trying to solidify that 1st overall pick in next years draft. Yesterday they shut Durant down the for the year and now Fantuz and Simpson are following suit... I wonder what the paying fans in SK think about this with one last home game to go?

Durant - http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=378910
Others - http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=378973

Is there not a rule infraction against conspicuous "throwing" of games, in order to retain first pick?

Durant shouldn't have played last week, and probably not the week before due to injury. Shutting him down is the absolute sane move for next year given that he can heal up rather then getting further injured and risk surgery.

Fantuz has already missed games due to injury and hasn't been a factor anyway. Dunno what's up with Simpson, but it's not abnormal to want to see a younger guy in a position when the season's effectively over anyway.

Don't think the Argos won't be looking at new players too.

8) And you think it is worth risking even further injury to Durant and Fantuz, just to pacify their fans ??
 That sure doesn't make much sense at all !!

  If either Durant or Fantuz did suffer even further injury to their already damaged parts, I would imagine the Regina fans
   would be irate with management for even playing them at all !!

Durant and Fantuz have been playing through injuries the last few weeks. And Durant getting rocked last week just kind of made it clear that he will be sitting the rest. Not sure what's going on with Simpson though, but I wouldn't be calling this throwing the last games to get the first draft pick. If they were going to do that they would likely sit Freeman, Dressler, Getzlaf, and other great players. I think all these players have legit cases that they are banged up and don't want to risk further injuries.

Doesn't matter anyway. Toronto traded their first pick for Jyles. Probably best for Toronto to have Riders pick ahead of division rival Bombers.

Teams have many many times at the end of the season, whether they were in the playoffs or not, sat out players due to injury or to prevent an injury. So you have nothing here.

Besides, its not like the #1 draft pick would help anyways right :smiley:

Yes, as a Rider fan that really ticked me off that they would put Durant at risk like that.

Who knows.

I think the Riders are a few players awa from being back in the hunt. And a set of new coaches

At best, the Bombers would get the Argos' second pick in the 2012 draft, not their first (they got the 2011 first rounder instead). http://www.cfl.ca/article/jumping-ship- ... om-bombers

Funny enough, the Riders won the season series over the Argos and therefore the Argos would actually get the first overall pick if the season ended right now. Sask fans have to hope Toronto wins one more game than they do!

i dont think it would hurt to sit as many as possible. get a look at some of the guys that are on the bubble for next season. the CFL is a 12 month a year league now. And we are all aware the riders are starting to think next season a little (much like i feel the argos are).

For Durant it's a no brainer ... he shouldn't have played last week. Fantuz hasn't had great stats on his return this year so it's not like the Riders are sitting players that would have made a whole lot of difference anyhow. In Hamilton and Edmonton they are playing 2 teams that are play-off hungry and still have something to win for. I don't like the chances of the Riders winning again this year - Durant in or out.

All those guys played beforehand and didn't really help the riders :stuck_out_tongue:
But honestly, it's the right decision in all cases. No sense throwing you franchise player (Durant) when he's injured. He shouldn't have played since the Thanksgiving game in Edmonton.

16 games...

I love the move. No point playing injured players now. Who cares about the draft, one player doesn't make a team. We need to evaluate the players we haven't been playing.

Its not like too many of their fans will notice, half of those who bought tickets won't show up for the game anyway.

No point risking further injury.

Nobody tanks for 1st overall in the CFL. The difference between 1st and 2nd overall is as close to nothing as it gets 90% of the time. How many past 1st overall picks are any good? Not a whole lot.

bad management usually leads to poor #1 picks, or they pick these guys who are going to go to the USA.

Riders need young Linemen. they need to start shoring up their team for the next 5-10 years.

Just waiting for the bone head comments....