Riders to host Western Semi-Final with win over Elks

REGINA — With their win over the Edmonton Elks on Saturday night, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will host the Western Semi-Final on November 28.

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Thanks to the refs on the interception by the Elks. There was no contact. Stupid call.

Totally agree on that.

Receiver was going down on it's own.

Too bad Edmonton didn't have any timeouts left to challenge that call.

What about Saskatchewan calling their timeout before the second half kickoff?

Stamps and EVERY OTHER TEAM have recorded wins by luck or hook or by crook ...often stamps posted 4 wins each season with a herd of horse shoes up the south side.... A win for us a win by definition and as they all took them , so will we. You-all need to stop the incessant whining and begin your rants on why the stamps will win the grey Cup yet again as they are the only deserving team in world history...not to mention you all never say Suitor is right at any time ...except this one

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I'm pretty sure onurb31 is an Als fan.

[quote="Capital_Dave, post:5, topic:74744"]

I'm pretty sure onurb31 is an Als fan.

[/quote] whiners are whiners in any language

According to Google, whiners are pleurnichards in French.

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So what kind of Richards were Henri and Maurice?

The best and second best

I thought that was Mario and Claude.

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Blame it on the refs, how unique