cp- League commissioner Cohen and Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Eric Tillman have jointly announced the challenge football game for world football surpremacy. "We need to establish once and for all which football game is REAL FOOTBALL!", said Cohen. Tillman feels the game is a promotional natural and believes it will be bigger than Canada vs. Russia '72 hockey series. Tillman added, "... we are trying to get Troy Westwood the come out of retirement to play goalie for us as the contest will be a hybrid of soccer and football." " We have always wanted to have balls kicked at Westwood," summarized Tillman." If he cannot be commandered, Gainer the Gopher will step in admirably". Cohen added that since the New York Giants balked at playing the Roughriders in pre-season in a winner take all World Championship the next best thing was to challenge Euro-Cup champions Spain.
Negotiations have determined that the first half will be entirely soccer rules. "Crandell said he played soccer in grade 6", commented Tillman, " and this should give us an edge". " Several of our d and o lineman are just going to park in front of the net blocking shots in our devised defensive scheme", said Tillman. "Then, we will blow them Spaniards out of the water in the 2nd half with our motion offence!"
Tickets to the game which will be played in Regina on Jauary 1st, 2009 go on sale July 1st. "Regina will welcome the world, and, even people from Winnipeg", concluded Cohen!" :thup: :rockin:

I would love to see the riders try to play world football. I am giggling just thinking about it.

I don't see why not, they have plenty of experience getting thier butts kicked by the rest of Canada, why not add the world to the mix. :slight_smile:

riders would have no players left by second have. They would all be red carded out.

and if it was for world supremesy the riders would have to play italy...they won the world cup...Spain only won the European champian ships.....

What i'm saying is instead of decemating the Spanish...we should give them a warm up game say against the toothless lions...

I don't know what's more pathetic. Turkey's ridiculous post, or you guys taking it as an opportunity to come up with burns that even a 4th grader would be embarrassed by.

ya, well at least my mother doesn't dress me funny :stuck_out_tongue:

and soccer players, i imagine these players would be good:

boreham, cates, dressler, grant, chick(goaly), frazier, johnson..

its all in fun, ehh

just a little pre-game jousting nothing more....i totally respect the Lions and hopefully the other people on respect the riders....just its hard to do cuz they usually suck lol (the riders)

Oh and Sheep my Nephew who's in grade one said that those where cheasy and lame

I was trying to give them a little bit of breathing room there! Haha!

"champian ships" and "cheasy"...and a high school English teacher?? :wink:

It would mean that the Lions would be dismantled, because of their loss in Western Final, to guess who?


I read the topic and didn't even have to look at who wrote it!
Laughed my &^%&%&* off.

Thanks Turkey!

Now sheep, what did you expect? Turkey went trolling with the usual bait.....What did you think would bite? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This was much better than the average turkey fare. Thanks for the laugh.

Great post