Riders' Tim Williams tears Achilles, Sterling Shippy breaks foot

The injury bug is feasting at Mosaic Stadium.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost two d-lineman over the weekend. Riders head coach Craig Dickenson told reporters on Monday that Tim Williams tore his Achilles on Friday and that Sterling Shippy broke his foot in Saturday’s Green and White game.

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2 would-be Hughes replacements (Williams/Bishop) gone with the same injury.
Geezus Chuck… You practicing voodoo or something?

Wow! I predicted before training camp that a number of players would get injuries before the 1st game because of the long layoff. This is worse than I forecasted, With so many getting injuried before the reguliar season, one can only anticipate even more once they start hitting each other on the competitive field of play. Teams should keep the contact numbers of those cut from the team before the season starts to recall them.

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It's crazy Riders have had mutiple players with the same injury . I know other teams like ticats have had some injuries at camp but nothing super major to my knowledge.

You would expect some CFL players who haven't done anything to be prone to injury but the ex-NFL players and ex-NCAA players were on teams in 2020 and should be in good shape.
Don't know if they can blame no season in 2020 for all of these achilles injuries.
These guys are pros and should be training in the off season.
A guy is running at 60% and just goes down with a blown achilles?? but it is tough for a 250lb+ to be sprinting.

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Can we blame the turf or the training regiment? Holy weirdness Batman!

Yeah can understand players past there prime who haven't played for a while having significant injuries at camp to a point .



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