Riders-Ticats GDT

Pillow Fight of the Week!

Who's gonna win this battle of Divisional Doormats?

Both teams seem to be headed in the right direction, after rocky starts.

...zero zero tie...and no, the defences will not be stellar...

hmmm...you really think Riders are divisional doormats?

Don't take my word for it, consult the CFL West Division standings


[tr][td]BC Lions[/td]


...sure, in terms of door accoutrements, with the order from bottom to top being

  • doormat
  • threshold
  • kickplate
  • doorknob
  • doorknocker

...so one could say, then, 'those Bombers, what a bunch of doorknobs'....they'd be technically correct AND complimentary at the same time...

The playing field levels with Glenn out. I still think the Riders should win, but it's football, you never know what could happen.

I'll go with BC. They were but now; BC has fewer points per game both for and against, is going in the opposite direction of the Riders recently, is equally inept at home and on the road, BCs are 1-3 in their last 4 (saved from 0-4 by a game against the Als), the Riders hold the season series against the Lions and without Lulay they are sinking fast.

Ticats NEED to win this one - hope they do - but their offense is not off to a good start again UGH! The defense can't do it alone.

Pretty big game for both teams as they are sitting last in each division.

If Saskatchewan at 5th in the CFL is the doormat - what does one refer to the 4 teams below them? lol

Anyhow TSN said the last CFL game won by a starting Canadian QB was 1985. Gotta cheer to see that change tonight :slight_smile:

Pretty good start for Saskatchewan, have moved the ball well all game so far, finally put a score on the board.

Bridge looks pretty good so far.

Terrible playcalling from Hamilton so far. 2nd and inches, it's fine to take a shot and pass the ball, but even without the fumble that was an atrocious play call to the flats as he lost yards on it.

De-fence is looking very tough tonight. Welcome back Knox lol

Hamilton's offense is it's own worst enemy at this point. I didn't see the Riders D do much to cause either fumble.

Labatte injured...that did not look good.

Just read this from the CFL game tracker:

[td]Field Goal[/td]
td S. CASTILLO Field Goal Attempt (92 yds), Good[/td]

That Castillo must have some leg on him!

What did Washington do to get ejected? They didn't show a replay. Spit on someone?

Sounds like it. Roosevelt said who he spit on as he was coming off the field after the td but I didn't catch what he said

I guess Demon Washington didn't like being beat by an 7 yr old.

He's washed out of a couple teams - obviously Winnipeg doesn't put up with nonsense no matter how talented a guy is.

This would seem to mark his exit from not only tonite's game - but from the league!