Riders Ticats Gameday

For those fans south of the border....

Unfortunately, I have to pvr the game tonight. But I guarantee I'll have it watched before I go to bed!

Here's to kicking off a great CFL season!

Cool, the game day talk thread has arrived…should be good.

been far to long since we heard that!

Riders secondary have to shut down Hamilton's recievers while Durant has to get us ahead early.

I second that! Pretty excited to be watching football again!

How is everyone? I'm gonna crack a beer. First of the CFL season. :smiley: Go Cats! :thup:

This is gonna be an interesting season. Hamilton's supposed to be my second favourite team, but I'm not a big fan of Burris. :lol:

I too will crack a beer, go Riders!

White helmets don't look all that bad. Too much white though overall in the uniform.

[url=http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/128521/1/watch-saskatchewan-vs-hamilton.html]http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/128521/ ... ilton.html[/url]

Game online now ...

Yah, D stop Burass.

Is that Dwayne Ford I hear? I guess he still works at TSN. Been awhile since he's been on the tube.

Definitely too much white. They look like big marshmallows. Also not a fan of the double stripe on Hamilton's pants.

HUGE hi-five to you! I was on the Justin.tv stream, and it is crap compared to this one!

That was a heck of a catch. Ball was about an inch from touching the turf.

Someone put a frickin bell on Dressler. The Hamilton D can't find him. :lol:

K. Sheets is making a good first impression! DD is getting the year started with some good descisions!

Good showing so far for the Riders..Durant/Sheets...TD Dressler - 7-0 Sask. leads

Kory, Kory, Dressler, Dressler...... Yah Baby!!!

Looks like Williams is trying to match Dressler yard-for-yard.

Good march for Hamimlton now.....

I see Rod hasn't improved in the off-season. "That could be the final play." Really, bud?