I have to keep my big mouth shut this week because I only saw the last 2 minutes of the game. So how bad was it? I would like a bit of a break down on the game. One article said McManus got yanked for poor play, but Brady didn’t do much better. Yeast was our best reciever from what I read. But in the 2 minutes I saw, he did drop a pass that he should have had.

I only casually watched the game but from what I saw, Hamilton looked like Winnipeg so far this year - good defense, good special teams, and an inept offense.

In the first half McManus’ passing was 2 of 9 for 13 yards. He threw half of those balls out of bounds over receivers’ heads, and the other half of the passes hit his receivers in the hands and they simply dropped the ball. Hamilton’s interception return for a TD kept them in the game.

When McManus was pulled in the 3rd quarter, his replacement was worse.

It looks like Hamilton should have went after some receivers in the off-season. If they caught even half the passes that were thrown to them, they would have beaten Saskatchewan bad!

Brutal. I heard we had the dropsies. It’s no secret I don’t like McManus, but they are calling for McManus’ head on the Ti-Cats forum.

Thanks for the recap EskJebus.

McManus looked average last night - not bad, just average.

The receivers looked like crap. All of them. There wasn’t a single one who didn’t drop a catchable ball.

Maybe they all just need a good kick in the ass this week. Maybe the club should take a casual look at some new receivers and make it clear to the vets that they will be replaced if everyone doesn’t smarten up.

when mcmanus needs to get it done with pressure, thats when hes good. it was a wicked game to weatch overall though. hamiltons defense in my opinion is prolly in the top 2 or 3 of the legue u should win next game.

It’s still early, and 2 games…an 18 week schedule does not make. There is nothing we can do now. Ottawa winning really screwed us up though. Beating Montreal is bonus points for the 'Gades. I don’t think Jones is the answer, but he can’t do much worse.

It wasn’t only the Hamilton recievers dropping balls. I counted at least 8 drops by the rider recievers. It was a sloppy game by both teams, the riders will have to be more fine tuned if they want to be the argos next week in Toronto.


It looked like a couple of high school teams dressed in Rider and Ti-Cat uniforms.

It was that ugly!

i’d have to agree 100%