Riders @ Ti-Cats

For the first time in a ridiculous 44 days - we finally have a Football Day in Hamilton!

It is expected to be a warm, sticky evening with a chance of a thunderstorm - and of course as always seems the case at THF - it is expected to be windy!


Whats clear to me is the Riders aren't as bad as their record indicates while the Ticats are still a bit of a mystery meat - w/ Collaros possibly still trying to find his groove.

Could TSN possibly be listening to fans?

For 2nd straight game Rod Black was absent this afternoon as Gord Miller filled in admirably.

Tonite - the Mattster, Matt Dunigan is gap-filling for Redundant Glenn Suitor.

If TSN is listening that's a good thing. For people purportedly in the broadcasting business they should be listening. However, the vermin at TSN HQ are more about cash flow than brains. How else do you explain Rod Black?

So its prolly Rod Black on a temporary hiatus or overdosing on sniffing female figure skates.

He'll be back, no question. TSN loves tormenting quality fans. But low ratings and increased blogging and fan site criticism of Rodawful Black might be working. And I emphasize MIGHT....

Saskatchewan Eskimos are exactly what their record is. You don't style points for almost winning.

Cats open 10-0 lead. Uh oh.

That Ticat TD by Fantuz is a play that pretty much sums up the entire Rider season.... :lol:

Cats with the INT.

Game is over. And that is so sad!

This Rod Black obsession of yours is getting out of hand....I think you need to take a step back. He's just a play by play guy. Yikes.

Sask INT negated by illegal contact. Ouch.

Pretty sure Chris Jones dropped an F bomb after the Sask penalty. Frustration setting in.

Wow. That suit. Matty channelling his inner Ron Burgundy.

TD Banks! 20-0. Cats rolling.

And now the fourth rout of the weekend is on....

This is pathetic

20-0 Ticats w/ plenty of time left in 1st half.

Huge test for Teneessee Corky - trying to keep his team in the game and not going into mope mode like Champ Chamblin and Taman did last season.

He's getting paid too much to mope - even if he's down 72-0 he's gotta show the locals he's still firing on all cylinders - even though he's driving a 2.5 cylinder vehicle!

Who is Corky? O.o

What did you expect ? This isn't the toothless Cats. They got the best QB in the league back and he is just finding his groove. This was never going to be close.

It's pathetic because the Riders aren't even challenging

Mike Reilly might have something to say about that. Not to mention BLM.

Sask on the board. Boo! 20-3.

Boo? Why boo? You don't want a competitive league?