Well it is nice that Riders offense showed up. Too bad the defense has done nothing in the first quarter so far. Nice to see Hamilton getting a groove going though. Hopefully this still plays out well for the Riders.

Go Riders!!

Hey, how do I watch this on TSN.ca?

I can’t find it on their webpage

Fantuz 73 yard TD

what a game so far!

I don't think this one is on broadband...got a friend who has to work today - I'm msning him updates because he can't watch on the site...lol

I am listening on the Radio.

50yard FG?!?!


Where'd the Riders D go?

They just got a pick on the last drive....

They are working on it. As the game goes on the D will show.

How do I know? You might ask . . . well it's more of a guess than anything else.

Then hamilton 2 and out.

yeah, exactly

What happened with Schultz's jersey?

The Radio guys just brought something up about it.

It got ripped down the middle of the front. So now he is wearing 99... It looks to small for him LOL

16 passing plays 5 rush attempts.

Joseph 11/16 so far sounds good. 3 TDs, more coming.

I wonder if a smaller jersey would impede one's play? slightly?

Richie Williams is in.

Printers is prone to injury, thus far.