Riders talking to Jeff Garcia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to a mall Santa Claus who sounded alot like Marty York, the Riders are willing to give the kitchen sink and Billy Soup for Jeff Garcia.
To all you Rider fans and CFL fans the very best of the holiday season, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakuah and a very Happy New Year to all.
It has been a pleasure chatting, debating, smacking and insulting (within appropriate limits) each and everyone of you.
CFL Rocks

p.s. I hope all the federal party leaders get a lump of coal in their stockings for having the nerve to force a federal election over Christmas. I havenot been this mad since Huey Campbell switched allegiances to the dreaded Eskimos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wish is that they all receive Spice girl cd's for presents!!

Take care all and cheers!!

Merry X-mas to U too TB!

You rock! CFL brother!

Oh Turkey, you are a nasty one! Wishing a Spice Girl’s CD on them.

You forgot to mention that Ray Elgaard will be comming out of retirement to catch those Jeff Garcia Balls. :wink:

Merry...ChristmaChanuKwnazaa too you oh silver tounged one!!

I have a no trade clause in my Contract Turkey