Riders Suck Lions 2016 Grey Cup Champions

Just wanted to get that out of the way before the season begins.

The west is a toss up this year.

Durant, Labatte, Best, Bagg, Chiles, G. Jones, Knox Jr, Foster, Capiciotti, Lemon, Norwood, Fulton, Chiles, Roosevelt, Chambers, Demski, Lawrence, Smith, Irvin, Brooks, Denmark, etc & it's pretty evident that the Riders have lots of veteran talent. In addition itll be very interesting to see what kind of young talent Jones & Murphy have recruited.

Lions with Wally Buono as coach will probably have the same record as last year or worse. Leopard's don't change their spots. Weak OC and DC as well. Special teams coach is the only improvement. Also Dan Dorazio is back so watch for confusion AGAIN on the O Line. :roll:

Riders suck, but Ticats suck more! :cowboy:

Way to go off topic Johnny.

I have to wonder about Johnny's name.

Johnny Ti-Cats Layer.

Am I to take it that Johnny has a den that is decorated in black and gold and called it a layer. ?
Or is Johnny a layer of Ti-Cats ?, in which case, that would be Johnny's business. :lol:

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Johnny's old name was JOHNNY JEALOUS OF TI-CAT CLASS.


Just think of me as Johnny's probation officer.
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[i]Yawn... :roll:

Most of your post relies on you intentionally misreading Johnny's name. That is weaker than the leg of whoever will be kicking for the Ticats this season...

Your dime store righteousness sounds like you live in the bible belt there in Alberta. [/i]

All silly banter aside, you post a lot. Yet it almost never has anything to do with a thread topic.
Just trashing Cat fans. So much so, I do not even know what team you cheer for.

Perhaps when someone hits back with " dime store ........" you should understand.

I look forward and hope someday we could have a real CFL topic discussion like others on this site.
That will be when you provide anything other than Cat fan bashing.

Now to get this back OT, not sure if the thread posted by Junk was a prediction or sarcasm.

However, I will say I believe the Lions will be better than many think.
They have made some upgrades since last season and the other 4 West teams are going in with a lot of questions.

ESKS - All new staff. How will the new coaches direct the team ?

STAMPS - Huff is gone, Huff is gone, and Huff is gone.

RIDERS - The new coaching staff does not have the talent they had in EDM.

BOMBERS - They will have some continuity and improvements and will be no push over. Might not be enough to make them a threat.

So there is room for hope for the Lions. I would not say the will win the 2016 GC, but do not be surprised if they finish 2 or 3.

High cholesterol Wally is back on the sidelines eh?

He might learn the hard way, you can not cheap out, get rid of a bunch of top notch talent , and then blame the coaches when things go south.

Maybe the Lions will do better, but I don't like the idea that every other team has to be worse this year for the Lions to be 2nd or 3rd. Means the quality of play will be crap. When Wally Buono was the coach a few years back, the lions were in decline. Why would it be different this time? Look at the assistant coaches, does not bode well IMHO. New Ownership can't come soon enough. No more old boys club.