Riders still Riding the Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a great CFL game. It had just about everything: rainstorms, rainbows, strong defensive plays, great catches, numerous lead and momentum changes, great running plays, great quarterbacking and kicking and GREAT FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And even the former third string quarterback giving his Mum the football after scoring a touchdown.
I don't know how long the rainbow ride will last for our Riders but man has it been a sweet ride, and , I would recommend it to anybody even if you have to wait 19 years for it to happen.

Riders Rule Again :rockin: :cowboy:

I have to agree its such a good feeling. No more will we be laughed at for being Rider fans, at the moment we are the best team in the league, reigning grey cup champs, and riding a huge momentum wave. Never have I felt so proud of my team, province, and home town. The only bitter sweet thing for me is that...... I am living in Kamloops........ sigh, and have been for the last year. I will be in Van for the next Rider game, couldn't make the last one as the drive was too long to make the game.

I am 25 and I don't ever remember being this proud of the Riders, I remember back to the late eighties where at the very least we won most of our home games and I remember how disappointing it was when we lost at home, then the mid to late nineties happened and it was a shame to be a riders fan, you were laughed at and ridiculed, Barrett brought some winning ways back to the Riders, and its now painfully obvious that he wasn't going to be able to take the Riders to the nest level.

For those of us who have been Rider fans for our whole lives we are finally getting a team that reflects the passion that the Rider Fans have for our team.

Thanks riders

I was on that same high for 2006 and then 2007 when the Lions won 14 games! then Sask lowered the boom at the western final! The thing to remember for most of the teams Edmonton/Toronto excluded, winning games and cups ussually only happens once every 10-20 years or more! That feeling of being on top,unbeatable, almost invinsible is like being in love! then one day crash! boom! Bang! your back to ordinary! right now the Riders can make many mistakes, but low and behold there's always a win at the end of the game! I know my Lions did it with 9 straight wins with JJ! some of those games fell into thier lap but hey what matters is you keep winning! If your a Rider fan enjoy each win walk in the clouds! embrace your team and the pride you have! cause unfortunatly like nothing good, It won't last forever! be grateful your here to see it happen!As I consider myself fortunate to have been a fan and have shared a small peace of glory in my teams success! All the best to your riders team! like them and B.C. they never seem to have back to back championships! power to ya if you can do it before my LIONS! keep enjoying the ride till it stops!

Classy guy right there and you did hit it on the head and it is especially sweet for those of us that have been on the Rider band wagon for decades and stuck through the hard times

Blacklion, thanks for the reality check. hah It feels good to be 4-0 but as a Rider fan and a long timer lurker on the board here I couldnt agree more with you. Maybe this rainbow/winstreak/undefeated streak will end. knock on wood (Hope not.) But not going to lie there have been so many good teams, key word good that have had good records and folded in the playoffs. Thats what makes this league so great, every game you have to expect the unexpectable. I just hope my Riders don't follow in the footsteps of your 06' and 07' lions and keep these winning ways going into the playoffs and Grey Cup when it matters most. (Which I know is still a ways away, and not even playoffs are a given (knock on wood once again.) But for now 4-0 baby and it feels great!

4-0 at the end of the rainbow.
After next week 5-0.
Joseph will be more jittery to play the Riders, than the Riders will be to play Joseph.

Rattle him early. Ride the wave of MO to victory!

Man, what are you coming out of in your sig? A garbage fort you built with old soiled mattresses or perhaps even your 'Rider Cave'?

Just curious, inquiring minds want to know.

The first one. A garbage fort I built with old soiled mattresses.


well played, but I do have to say... my 0-4 garbage fort is better than yours, and my mattresses are extremely spoiled.

It was all about the rainbow. A double rainbow at that. The Riders never lose when we have a double rainbow. Beautiful!!