Riders steal one on the Road. This one is for Saskargo!!!

It if tough to win on the road in the CFL. You did it Riders ---- well done. Watch out Calgary here we come.
Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game was a clunker right from the opening kickoff. Even the Kick for a Million was a bust.

I was surprised at how many Saskatchewan fans were at the game. Must be transplanted from out there.
The Riders played a good defensive game
but Damon wasn't very sharp either.
A few more games like that and the NFL fans will become interested.

Yes, Turkey I can just hear her say Turkeynuts those riders and fans are losers! :lol: :lol: :lol:

....how much are the Riders paying this Fantuz guy....he must be getting a good chunk to pay for a 155 relatives and friends (o.k...exaggerated no.) to attend this going through the motions game lol...whats with T.O.... a mean nothing game for the Riders...and the Argos choke....lol....it sure is a break for the Bombers if they can follow-up...All i can say for this game is good one for the Bombers....er...um ...i mean Riders.... :thup: :wink:

I don't think you were exaggerating very much...TSN reported he paid for 67 tickets.
Obviously, we are paying him too much!
No wonder we are way over the cap!!

Oh, come on now Arius! The reason we are over the cap is because we took on half a million in salary after the dispersal draft first 3 picks. IMO, Joseph does not deserve $400 thou to be our QB, he should expect to take a HUGE pay cut next season. I would say they should give him 250 thou, and if that means releasing him and singing him back for less, then by all means they should do exactly that, a lot of Rider players are in line for a cut, only a few will be spared from the axe that Tillman will be holding in his hand.

Now where is that tongue...oh, there it is. Firmly planted in my cheek...right where I left it....

Anyway, Sambo, I don't think it will be as tough to get to the cap levels as some think.
For one thing, Tillman has the go ahead from Hopson to spend freely in using the signing bonus loophole to solidify the roster.
After all, that was "officially" why we fired Shivers--one of the reasons at least.
Coincidentally, Fantuz is one of the guys that might be affected by that loophole.
Give him 200 grand now, and he plays for next to nothing for the next 2 years.

Joseph hasn't exactly turned into the QB that we all hoped for here!..

He's been disappointing in my books! and im sure in many other's books too!

Dear All The Rider Fans Who Are Hating On Kerry Joseph,

It's only dude's 1st year in a rider uniform. He played smart football last night vs the argos, he took a minimal amount of hits, and he threw the ball away when he needed to. It messed his stats up, and now ppl are hating on him again... He is tied for 1st in Passing TDs, and he has played less games than most starting QBs because of his knee! Why is everyone so negative about him?

Yours Truly,

First year in a new system??? I think he's done pretty well. He and his team do manage to win...ugly or not...it's a "W"

Probably because he consistently misses open receivers by a mile … usually overthrown.