Riders @ Stamps

This should be a good one, both teams are playing hot, if we win, I would think we end the season first, we lose, tough guess. Cody had better come to play time to shine!!

Have a mixed feeling here. I think Micah Johnson is going to go off. Think itll be a defensive game.

Agree on the defensive thought train. At least in the past theres been a decent green showing in the stands. Would be great to get out of the gates ahead and quiet the crowd a bit. We usually take a bad offsides or time count when it counts in Calgary

Toughest game this season.
Barring no stupid mistakes and PENALTIES Riders win this one.
The Stamps showed some real chinks in their armour agains Montreal.
Personally I think the Rider Offense is going to explode. Powell will have a great game and the receivers will dominate.
Now is the time to pop the cork and let it all out.
GO Riders Go to the Grey Cup!

I think this will be a hard win and will go down to the fourth quarter. I also think this is going to be a defensive game. Hughes and Johnson will step up to the plate. We will win by a touchdown.

Sick of Calgary winning all the time. Cheap a$$ team hosting.

And yet again, whiny cry baby bo , whining the refs are against them, what a whiney lil bitch!! We may have lost but they are beatable at home, we came really close.

Calgary out played us today plain and simple.
Wasn’t happy with the Defense. No preasure. Mitchel way to much time to throw.
Give Bo that kind of time and you’ve lost the game.
Our offense was a dud today and Cody was not strong imo. OL couldn’t hold the Calgary Defense
Much work to do yet if the Riders want to get past the playoffs.

Yup classless little bitch is right. Calgary trying to gator our quarterback then horse teeth defends the shameful play. What an idiot.

Had to host family for Thanksgiving. What the hell was with that Calgary player hanging onto Fajardo and ?twisting his ankle? Then Mitchell made it sound like we were doing that but not getting called for it?

That game was so winnable. We really need someone on our sideline (coach) that can strategize during the game. We kept two timeouts in our pocket in the first half and had to kick a field goal from the three yard line as we had no time left. Cody also needs to get better during the last few minutes of the game. Can’t be wasting as much time waiting for a snap. If Johnson would not have gotten hurt I think we win that game. We may get first if we win our last three and Wpg beats Calgary once. If not we know we can beat Calgary in Calgary during the playoffs as we always do?.

Well cody’s Doing very well, I can’t help but feel very g old for next year , as he will just get stronger with more experience, a whole year under his belt, They need a fullback who can stay in and block and take the odd swing pass to help relieve pressure to.

This plus when they went up 15-13 in 2nd quarter, why not go for the 2 pointer when it was 14-13 to make it 16-13. What good was 15-13? that extra point would have come in handy at the end of the game as they could have gone for another 2 to tie it. When that happened I bet a guy I was with 5 bucks that missed opportunity for the 3 point lead would come down to bite them in the ass at the end. I got paid. Growing pains of a Rookie HC I guess.

Yes, they could have done that too. I like Craig D. As Head Coach but he needs to hand off his special teams duties and focus on the game in front of him. I have seen too many mistakes this year. You can do so much with very little time on the clock in this league but you have to be on the ball. Obviously Craig and McAdoo have no idea so hopefully Cody becomes our new Ronnie Lancaster as he could use the clock to perfection.

I will be disappointed if there is not a fine for that. Guy lacks class far too often. Laughable that he says the refs were against them lol

because failing them can really suck life out of players…so it was too early. What if you miss and the Stamps tie it up with a single with over half a game to play? Late 3rd…sure

IMO…Riders played “mehh” ball and still had a fair shot at this game. That is encouraging.

What had me confused is why they didn’t use a timeout on the final drive before half. I think I would’ve tried for 6 before half.

Evans looked like he folded out there. That dropped td early came back to bite them.

Oh well onward and upward. I hope Winnipeg can pull out one or both against the Stamps because I don’t really want to play Winnipeg in the semi coming off a bye week.

Because it’s fairly easy in the CFL to make up a single if needed ie punt through the endzone.

I don’t think you can fault either way really…5 seconds is a strong chance of only 1 play. if there we even a second or 2 more I think they do this.