Riders Stamps

This was a big collapse but you got the feeling once Calgary regained their composure, they were going to challenge.
Let's face it - they beat the Riders. Better on offence, better on defence. Our gifts were their penalties, drops and a player ejection. And I'll be honest - we got away with a lot of questionable penalties. Calgary's penalties kept drives alive for us and we put points up on those gifts. The benchmark for me was the turnover we were given after review and we did nothing with it. Good teams, late in the game, would put that away.

If there is a silver lining, Chamblin will know where the breakdowns are and they will get addressed and we will be a better team. Hey, if anyone thought this team was going to go 18-0 they are in another world. 10-8 is reasonable with a rebuilding team.

Calgary deserved the win, with their focus in the last quarter, we lost composure and our protect the ball philosophy and played like the team from last year.
what was with the high snaps, this cost us points as we had to give up a saftey and late in the 4th quarter DD got sacked to take us out of field goal range ?

:thup: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in thiers :twisted:

Wow...what a game! That will be a contender for game of the year for sure! Looking forward to watching it when I get home in a couple of days.

First off...penalties...I don't know what it looked like on TV yet, but man, there was some serious chippiness from the some of the Stamps after plays early...and I really have no idea why. The penalty that caused the ejection was a weak call, but he was at it non stop, and the refs had to get it under control. I can not recall a game that I have seen a player acting up after the play for that many plays.

Congrats to the Stamps for digging out of that. They were in a viscous cycle of stupid penalties, and looked like they were imploding when they were down by 3 scores, but top notch effort! I think the Riders felt a little too cozy with that lead, and the Stamps jumped all over it. Bad timing for a first turnover huh? The Rider O started going for that big strike in the 4th, and it kept putting them in 2nd and long...granted they probably should have had 1 or 2 of them. They were having relative success before that. The Stamps smothered Sheets late, and the Riders did a really bad job of killing the clock.

And seriously...a post to put it into OT! WOW!

There were some big drops by both teams in this game, but none bigger than Dressler...That was shocking...highlight reel to doghouse! And the sack late in regulation...was I seeing right? The Riders seemed to have an empty backfield a few times, when they should have been at least keeping the threat of a run there. Really bad decisions on play calling there. You get a huge break on the fumble...then tat...really? Also...the bad snap was a killer I guess.

Lewis was a machine as usual...he made a couple of sensational grabs...the one TD...sorry, but I don't think any other Stamp would have caught that.

I was impressed on how well both sides ability to smother the running game for the most part. The one thing I questioned was why the Stamps were not passing underneath more...it was money all night...well, unless Cornish was dropping it (horrid outing for him).

I must admit, I thought Glenn would get sacked a few times more. He very intentionally took off a couple times, and I think that was very smart. When Glen went out the backup QB looked pretty darned poised...gotta be a confidence booster for the Stamps.

Overall, despite the score, both defenses played pretty well. There were a lot of balls thrown away because of coverage, and the run game was kept in check.

There were a few injuries in this game...sure hope all bounce back.

Amazing game...and yes, I do feel the Riders snoozed a bit with the lead...not attempting to take anything away from the Stamps, because they grabbed momentum and never let go. They dominated for the last 10 minutes or so, at a time they could have easily fallen apart.

One of the most entertaining games I''ve seen in quite some time! Hats off to both teams. Of course being a Lions fan I was hoping Calgary would pull it off but I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. :rockin: Talk about redemption for Glenn after last week's tough loss. A Calgary win has set up a great match up between Edmonton and B.C. Friday night.

Durant is awesome when connecting with Dressler and Getzlaf. Some incredible passing and catching. Lewis for Calgary looked great although Cornish appeared to be on another planet tonight. I also see why the Roughies have one of the best D lines in the CFL, if not the best at this point in the season. Man, did Glenn take a pounding tonight.

I figure SSK had the game in the bag with a 17 point lead. They seemed to be able to score at will. I was ready to watch something else with about 10 minutes left but didn't change the channel. I'm glad I didn't! What a phenomenal ending and come back for Calgary. I don't think even they were expecting it. I lot of things had to fall into place to pull it off like they did especially when Calgary held SSK and the Roughies had to punt the ball with only a couple of minutes left and only ahead by 3 points. My heart sank when Calgary fumbled the punt return only to give the ball back to SSK on Calgary's 39. Calgary made up for it by pushing SSK beyond field goal range.

I've not seen such chippy play from a CFL team in a long time. I can understand the ejection. The guy threw a punch. Even though a soft one the guy was ejected as a warning and as an example that the refs were having none of that nonsense.

Both teams played very well and both teams played well enough to win under the circumstances. I'm just glad the Lions have a chance to move into a tie with SSK [well technically not quite, but it's good enough for me]. One does have to wonder if the results of the game would have been different had Calgary not kept shooting themselves in the foot with all of those penalties and that game ejection.

SSK won 3 straight and it looked like this was going to be their 4th. Right now they seem like the team to beat and have set the bar very high. I'll not be as confident when the Roughies roll into Vancouver to play the Lions in a month or so.

Good analysis Beaglehound. Yes both teams played well providing an exciting back and forth game. I am sure Chamblin will be using this game as a teaching and motivation tool to show the guys you have to play full out for 60 minutes and not 57 no matter what the score. Why did they not run when they were in field goal position? I think that is the first noticable mistake in coaching I have noticed this year but it is one that most likely cost us the game. Congratulations Stamps on a great come back win.

some issues that need rebvied:

  • Sheets is a sensational RB, but a grinder like Deshawn Wynn would have been nice at times. I would release West or Rankin and bring Wynn back.
  • Their DL couldn't sack Glenn, even with the star of the OL ejected.
  • The Riders could not stop a pass underneath all night unless Cornish dropped it.
  • There are concerns on receivers getting ahead of themselves at times...IE Dressler could have stopped and caught that, Getz had a bad drop...either of these would have resulted in a win...it was just painful because it was like 3 passes in a row near the end of the game.
  • There was questionable play calling by emptying the backfield late when you are in FG range...or at any point that late really. The Stamps are expecting a run...you empty the backfield...you have to know a blitz is coming wouldn't you think?
  • How many times did Charleston Hughes get a free pass? Emptying your backfield takes away that extra block on him.
  • As Saskfan23 pointed out...why was Sheets returning kicks late in the game? Moss an Jackson or West or someone else should have been doing that, not the guy about to grind out precious seconds.
  • They never stuck a blanket on Lewis late? not like he is "the" clutch receiver or anything.

This is a good test for the Riders. They lost a heart breaker that, yes, they had opportunity to seal up. Now the club gets to see how they respond, but at least they respond at home, and they are still in 1st for the time being.

Entertaining game for sure.

I was a bit dissapointed with both the o-line and d-line. As already noted, we could not get much pressure on Glenn, and it seemed as though Durrant was under pressure all night. I recall once in the 4th on a 3 man rush he still had to elude two guys.

Great play by Nik Lewis to hurdle would be tacklers an gain another 10 yards.

It was also amazing to see how many fans left with the Riders up 17 points. I'm sure a lot of Stamps fans were kicking themselves for leaving early.

I thought the Rider Pass blocking was fantastic for the most part. There were a few lapses, but in general, DD had a lot of elephants to throw.

In the second half our play calling became boring a predictable.. Durant is kept in the pocket far too often. I don't think their is a better running QB in the whole league than Durant and they almost never run him! We kept trying the same run with Sheets over and over.. It honestly looked like we were calling a Doug Berry offense again... How many times did we go two and out in the fourth quarter?? we were doing all the old stupid stuff we shouldn't have been doing and it was plain as day to see! I don't get what the heck Bob Dyce was thinking!

We should have been calling far more plays where Durant was rolling out of the pocket and throwing short.. The whole second half seemed like he was staying in the pocket and trying to hit guys who were at least 15 yards deep every time.

We were continually calling for the shotgun hand-offs right up the middle! IT WASN'T WORKING WHY DID WE KEEP CALLING THAT!

Again we kept trying to throw deep balls, when their pass rush was starting to get to us! It was no wonder Durant was throwing horrible at the end of the 4th quarter.. Even in OT they went deep ball each time! SHORT PASSING!!! If you watch how they started beating our defense at the end they were doing little 5 to 7 yard passes constantly and then they would stretch the field when we were biting! That is exactly how Cavillo plays.. it how Ricky Ray plays.. and it is how we played in the first game! It is so frustrating to watch a team who always goes stagnant when we get a lead.. That was an absolute brutal 4th quarter.. Stamps deserved the win because we basically gave up.

Great post patcarm. Even after the Riders went up by 17 I had an uncomfortable feeling that the lead was not secure. One thing that bothered me in the last 5 minutes was Durant's lack of composure. He and the Riders looked a bit panicky for the first time this season.
Re: some of the late game offensive backfield line-ups and subsequent sacks or losses, if the coaches are responsible they should take note. If the TV play-by-play guys immediately questioned it, then the Stamps must have noticed it right away, too.
A painful one to lose, but hopefully a good wake-up call for the Riders.

I think the key word is predictable. We need to changes things up continually. This is on O and D (see my post on man vs zone.

DD is telegraphing his throws, he knows who he wants to throw to and keys on him quickly. Ds just need to watch his head. That one thing I liked when watching Drew Willy, he went thru his reads and went back to a reciever he scouted out earlier. How many replays did I see DD throw an out and there was Getz open 12 yds down field running a curl.

Against good Dlines like BC, Edmonchuk and Cowtowm, we need Sheets to run around the corners. I agree DD needs to roll out of the pocket more and use his feet WAY more. If he runs the ball say 6-8 times a game, it's another thing the Ds have to p,ay for. If they leave thier man to tackle DD, the reciever they left is open. We have to get mentally into thier heads. Coaches should determine the number of plays they need to run that will force the opponent to
Have to cover the most amount of area. Also more sneak plays.

Finally when going for 2nd down on short yardage, you still need to have a RB behind the QB. If not its blitz, blitz, blitz. They know it and we have to know its coming so we have to get the pass off ASAP. We got sacked and on second and short we were stopped.

There are alot of areas to look at where we can have more vision to keep the opposition guessing.

Did any1 notice Graham just plane sucks, tackling, covering, always trailing what a bad player, cut him and bring in some new talent, he cannot play with the bigboys! Need extra depth there if he's your backup! Compareable backup would be Dinwiddie to Durant, just bad!

Not making any excuses for the Riders, but it certainly didnt help having Maze go down. That caused a major shift in the entire secondary. I dont believe it is a coincidence that it was after this injury that Calgary began to move the ball almost at will.

And when he did go down, only ONE D.B. stayed at his starting position. They moved everyone else around to a new spot, to accomodate the 1 injury. What ever happened to 1 guy hurt, someone replace him, not shift everyone to a new spot.

I've been saying this since he arrived. Overrated, and gets beat deep almost every time. I noticed a few times he was trailing by more than a step but the ball went to a different receiver. Once other teams realize he's there, we're going to get lit up (again)

Yeah, I was shocked by the massive shuffle...Could they not insert Patrick, leave Buttler as FT Safety? Also....did Maze go down as well? I recall Russ dropping...thought that was the shuffle...still have not watched it on tv though....and I was a lil loopsy at the game. Chamblin has been adimant that he wants the D like this...people being able to play multiple spots so they can shuffle.

Great point!