Riders @ Stamps

Just finished watching Texas beat Oklahoma. Now it's time for some CFL action. Where are all the Riders fans at? :lol:

Go Stamps!



Stamps are definitely looking better. Good TD run by Reynolds. Excellent punt by DeAngelis to pin the Riders deep. Burris is hitting his receivers. Looks like that spark helped them.

why were you watching that fumble fest, when two of the countries best q b,s were facing off - uq vs u w o - great game :thup: :thup:

Ken Miller is a chicken! 7 seconds left in the half and he won't go for another play!

like come on!!

Take the sure points. I'm with Miller. In a close game, gambling, running out of time, and coming away with zilch could be huge later on.

WTF!!! I'm really pissed off!! Here in Red Deer, TSN has been showing a frozen screen (at the tail end of a commercial). Been waiting for the game to be put on but still nothing yet! I'm going to have to look into getting satelite TV, the local cable company seems to F up like this lately. Obviously people in other parts of the country have no problems seeing the game.

Sorry, Chief, didn't get to my computer til the half.

What an excellent game. I would have went for 1 more quick play before the half if I was the Riders but, not being at home, being down by a mere 2 at the half is not a shame.

Definitely not a pass attempt.

That was quite a hit on Howell. I did curse.

Hate to see guys go down, but WOW, that was HUGE!!!!!

I tell ya, the Riders need to make a couple adjustments on offense. they could have gotten that 1st down if they hadn't had that series..

He's OK


I heard Western lost, so I'm not too upset about missing that game... :lol:

Seems like the defences are stepping it up in the second half.

yea the Riders just need a break! they’re getting closer and closer…

thanks ref's for the no-call facemask on fantuz now we turn it over on downs great job

Can you call that a face mask? He touched the top of the helmet.

the replay clearly showed fantuz's head being pulled back he had him by the helmet seems like a dangerous play just like grabbing the mask

Well his hand was still in the face mask area, the face mask goes to the top of the helmet, so it could have been called, but wasn’t your normal facemask

That's what I was thinking... it wasn't a play you see very often. The guy didn't actually grab the face mask part of the helmet, so I wondered if it could actually be called a face mask.

I suppose if nothing else, they could've called unnecessary roughness. Oh well...