Solid 1st quarter for Stamps.

I'm torn. I want the Stamps to win, but I don't want Burris to have an outstanding game because the guy I'm playing in a Fantasy league has him in his team. :lol:

So I need Burris to play just good enough to win.

Well I nailed the Hamilton game so a Rider win gives me a good start to the virtual grey cup this week.

That first series was brutal. He made a great play to gain 13 yards, then he makes a bonehead decision and gets picked off. Nonetheless good game so far, tonight will be the riders' first loss!

With plenty more to come!

Bah! I gave up on that after my amazing 2-10 start. :lol:

Ugly start. O looks bad, D is being porous in the secondary, lost Johnson and Morgan. Whats new its not a game if we don't lose at least 2 starters. This is ridiculous.

Riders are looking tired and Calgary are looking like every play counts! Lotsa football left and unless Sask left the team lucky charm at home, Calgary may lay back and let that Rider luck prevail???? Anyones game yet!

I knew sooner or later the injuries would catch up to them, continually losing players to injuries like it's the plague or something as a curse!

now we have no receivers, and a QB that is dead quiet tonight.

i'm sadly not surprised by this game so far...

The old saying---You can't win them all! seems to be applying.

not done yet

Joffrey Reynolds is single handedly beating our team

Have not seen anything positive from the Riders all game.

I know injuries but its still not acceptable, especially the D.

we have no pass rush this game so Burris is sitting back with all the timein the world.....lucky pick by lucas....right place at the right time

Need 7 off that turn over to get some momentum going.

Wow The Rider defense is making Calgary Offence look way way better than they actually are! Riders need a big play.......Wait what's this a Lucas turnover?? Hmmmm is this were Calgary chokes and the Riders come back to win? I'm stayin tuned in!!!!!!!!!!

Agh even Borham is punting poorly tonight.

How do you take a 15 yard penalty and end up 2ND and 14?

I was thinking the same thing. He's giving Calgary some good field position.

I was wondering that. If it was after the play ended shouldn't that have been 1st down? Bad drop by Bowman.


I am actually starting to feel sick every time there is a new injury.