Riders - Stamps - Oct 1, 2011

What do you expect in this coming up game? What are some concerns?

Well, lets face it, the playoffs are a long shot. The Riders would have to basically win out the season this year. They are 3 games back of any playoff spot as they require more wins than an East team and have lost the season series against BC. Yes, they can make it, BUT, they need to do some serious winning.

If the Stamps watch 5 minutes of footage they will be running on first down, and passing over the middle on second. Unfortunately the Riders don't get much pressure w/o a LB, but they are going to need to drop someone back to cover the middle. Give up pressure to provide coverage.

The O and ST...heads must be in the game. Clean, low penalty yards, snap the ball back, not up, DD needs to get zip on his passes inside 10 yards...these floaters are killing them...Miller needs to sit his butt down for a series if he struggles, then pout him back in!

Having Andy back should help. I don't anticipate him returning next season, so I would like to enjoy him playing in green while I can.

I for one think Graham should sit for his stupid punch that led to him being ejected.

this will depend on if the Riders can finally come out strong and play, because I'm sure Hufnagel will not allow his team to come out and play like this two weeks in a row.

Okay i have a dilema. A friend of my wife is a big stamps fan, who i won a 66 off of during last years western final. He wants to bet on the game coming up. Not sure i want to lose even a micky, based on how poorly they played. Should i bet on the Riders?

I think the holding calls during Wests punt returns are inexcusable. If you can't stop the guy, then let him go. He might not tackle West and if he does make the tackle, at least it is further up field then taking it back to the point of the catch plus the penalty.

To be honest I don't know what to expect in the next game. The performance of the team this last weekend was beyond comprehension. I do know one thing that if we want to make the playoffs the road is now through Calgary - we have to win the season series against them and win out the rest of the games in the schedule. There is not going to be a cross-over in our future unless Hamilton tanks the rest of the season. Lose against Calgary this week and it's all over kids - start planning for next year.

Pretty much. Our season has come down to this. But I ain't giving up hope!!! :rockin: :rockin:

The Riders can still technically make the playoffs from either Edmonton or Calgary, and possibly still host a playoff game. They likely need to win out for the rest of the season, putting them at 10-8.

If the Riders win out the rest of the season, Calgary could possibly finish 11-7, Edmonton 11-7, and BC 11-7. Because BC and Edmonton play each other 2 more times, one team could be 9-9 or both could end up 10-8. BC and Calgary play each other once more so depending on how BC does against Edmonton, BC could finish the season 11-7, 10-8, 9-9 or 8-10. Calgary, assuming they beat the Eastern teams they play, could finish 11-7 or 10-8 assuming the Riders win out.

Anyway, long story short if the Riders win out we have to hope BC either wins out against Calgary and Edmonton, or loses more than two of those remaining 3 games against western opponents for the Riders to make the playoffs through the west. A three way tie at 10-8 at the end of the season would mean the Riders would likely be the odd team out.

Well, a game at McMahon is a home game at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is a crap shoot. Who know which teams will show up? Both teams are struggling with consistent play. I bet the coaches hope for the best for their individual teams.

With all the injuries in the secondary, Miller may not have a choice on sitting Graham, unless the league imposes a game suspension.

John Eubanks is the only defensive back on the injured list.

Tamon George would be the next guy available to add to the 42-man. Leron Mitchell is already ojn the 42, not sure how game ready he would be to start. George and Mitchell are NIs. Graham is IMP.

Nick Graham did something stupid and embarrassing. He’s been their worst starting DB this year too.

Not sure that George or Mitchell would be an upgrade, but the way that Graham has played this year he can’t afford to do something stupid like what he did on Saturday.

In other news YET ANOTHER capable DB changed addresses this week - and NOT to Regina. Milt Collins would sure look nice in green right now. Not that sleepy dwarf Taman would notice.

You see, when other teams need players, they get them, or at least try. BC had 2 key sterts hurt long term (Franks, Sanchez) they went out and got Kornegay and Jerome Dennis. Their secondary is good. Saskatchewan’s secondary is almost completely healthy, yet it sucks nuts and they make no moves.

Try, Taman. Try! Could you at least try??

What, do you mean like this.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/riders-add-six-to-practice-roster]http://www.riderville.com/article/rider ... ice-roster[/url]

the people who say that Taman is not trying to bring in players or make the team better really need to give their heads a shake. Of course he is trying. Sometimes he might not get the right guys, but it is ridiculous to say that he is not trying.

First off, it's week bloody 14 ffs, Where were they in Week 6?

Second, they are complete no-names, that we won't have a clue if they are any good at all until the season is over.

Third, other teams like BC, Calgary, Edmonton, and Hamilton have upgraded their secondaries this offseason and/or during this season, which means that it CAN be done, but the Riders are seemingly the only team in the league that CAN'T get it done.