Riders-Stamps make Trade.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2016/08/16/riders-acquire-bennett-and-hecht-from-stampeders/]http://www.riderville.com/2016/08/16/ri ... tampeders/[/url]
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired international defensive back Fred Bennett and national defensive back Jeff Hecht from the Calgary Stampeders in exchange for two negotiation list players.

Bennett (6’1 – 197) is currently in his fifth CFL season after originally signing with the Stampeders in May, 2012. In 73 regular season games the 32-year-old South Carolina product has registered 166 defensive tackles, ten interceptions and seven forced fumbles.

Bennett was named a 2014 West Division All-Star before going on to win his first career Grey Cup championship that same season.

Hecht (5’9 – 205) is currently in his sixth CFL season after originally signing with the Montreal Alouettes as a free agent in 2011. The Edmonton native joined the Stampeders ahead of the 2012 season where he remained through the next five years.

In 73 career regular season games, the 30-year-old has picked up 50 defensive tackles and 37 special teams tackles. He won his first Grey Cup as a member of the 2014 Calgary Stampeders.

So much for bad blood between the teams.

Wasn't Bennett a starter for the stamps??

Maybe the negotiation list players the stamps just got, they saw practicing with the Riders??? :twisted:

Riders pickup two 30+ year old jouneymen vet salaries for futures. But nobody will question the spring Cleanup :slight_smile:

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The Riders were not fined today for their trade with the Stampeders

Thank Gawd! :rockin:

Any bets that they both probably retire and never set foot in Saskatchewan ? :o

So does acquiring Hecht mean that Jones has given up on transforming Francis from a receiver/tight end to safety? Or does he replace Tevaughn Campbell who's play has been up and down hoping to get more stability there?

I get the trade and I don't. You get a couple of aging guys but guys who have experience and can upgrade what you already have for the short term and it only costs you a couple of neg list players. But one of the stories in the offseason was how many people Chris Jones and his staff had at their camps and scoured all over and yet it really hasn't netted them much at all in terms of talent and a lot of their moves have been acquiring guys from other teams or signing cast offs. Making too many changes too soon or incompetence? We'll see, I guess. The work of Murphy and Jones has been underwhelming but their jobs are likely safe. Murphy for one I think may be overrated in his abilities. When he was here in Winnipeg working with Mike Kelly he wasn't exactly unearthing gems for us and maybe the situation in Calgary made him look better than he is. He could be let go if the Riders continue to put up L's.

Being said Hecht is for aggression on STs

Bennett makes sense on both sides...Stamps landed a couple great young corners and are moving away from a solid vet and his heavier contract to stick with the youth...Riders need some experience back there...Brooks was supposed to be it but has been injured the whole season

This is a great move by the Stamps! Now I know that sounds funny but think about it. These two guys they are sending to the riders are not bad football players they are both very good in their positions. Calgary was top heavy in the area and Dave did not want these guys wasting away on the sidelines. Yes Bennett and Evans are equal as for ability but cost and age was Bennetts ticket out but he is a great player ans will help the riders in the back end. Hecht to is a very good special teams player and can add some depth to the roster. The Question is why would Huff trade some his depth glad you asked! They do not play the riders again this year unless they end up in the playoffs and well right now they need to start doing a lot of winning to do that. So why not help the Riders get better so they can take on the opposition with a better chance of winning? Riders play Edmonton, Winnipeg and BC yet and if they get that much better then by beating the competition they help the Stamps out. So now every Stamp fan out there will be joining Rider nation cheering them on to win against those teams, Neg list players there must be something Huff had heard or knows or this was just a throw in. Anyway these two guys make that defense that much stronger and Jones then can change up that three man rush to four man if he so chooses. Rider fans you should thank the Stamps for this move.

I think what the final straw to get Huf to bite on this deal was that the airfair to bring the neg list players into Calgary was just a Regina - Calgary WestJet flight, which is much cheaper than a U.S. destination into Calgary. :smiley:

OH they were burned again as Stamps upgraded

Who are the neg list players the Stamps got? I was wondering what Riders gave up.

I get some of the resistance to making neg lists public, for instance that the lists are constantly in flux with names moving on and off and would be a pain in the butt to keep updating. BUT in the case of a trade they should release the neg list names, if anything just to maintain transparency.

Interesting strategy, if there's any truth to it.

They must have named the players somewhere. BrianJoxx knows who they are, not sure where he found that out though, but he hasn't answered me back yet.

It is why they made the trade think about it makes total sense!